DCC2: A one of a kind
LED cylinder

Sleek. Simple. Radiant. DCC2 combines precise illumination and elegant aesthetics to take your designs to new heights.

Light that brings design to life

For discerning clients and demanding projects, only the best will do. That’s why we’ve engineered the DCC2 to be as beautiful as the spaces you create. Its clean, minimalist form allows it to complement almost any design, but its true strength is the quality of illumination it delivers. Featuring highly customizable lighting options, LEDs that can transform the way people see and interact with your building.

One form, endless possibilities

While its simple form never changes, everything else about the DCC2 can. We offer four different mounting options to give you the flexibility you need for almost any space. In addition, you can select a standard color such as white, black, bronze and brushed aluminum, or pick a custom color that matches your project.

Turn down, and turn heads

Most dimming solutions require the installation of remote drivers and unsightly dimming connections, but the DCC2 offers phase control, 0 -10V or Lutron® Hi-Lume™ 1% without the use of external drivers.

Powerful versatility
Beyond its visual strengths, the DCC2 gives you an excellent range of options when it comes to where and how it fits into a space. The cylinder comes in small, medium, and large lengths and four different lumen outputs, as well as wet location variants.

Available mount options:

Suspends from a standard 24” painted steel stem with a hang straight endpoint and round canopy. Optional features include custom stem lengths up to 96” long and a wet location variant for outdoor applications.

Mounts to the ceiling from a minimal cord and round canopy, the Cord Mount offers a minimalist aesthetic that fits well in practically any space. The standard cord length is 24” with up to 48” available.

Featuring a reversible mounting option, the Wall Mount is great for accenting columns, surfaces or pathways. It can function as a downlight, uplight or both, and the wet location variant makes it compatible with both indoor and outdoor applications.

The most minimalistic option, the Surface Mount hangs directly from the ceiling with no visible attachment. Multiple DCC2 Surface Mounts can also be arranged together to make a unique fixture.

With a diverse range of form factors and customizable options, the DCC2 adapts easily to all kinds of applications, whether indoor or outdoor, residential or commercial.

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