Always Evolving

Enhanced components make the DRD2M recessed LED module more efficient than ever

The DRD2M‘s combination of exceptional light and industry-leading value makes it DMF Lighting’s most successful product. Now it’s even more advanced, powered by the next generation Cree LED chip.

Advanced LED technology

DMF sources premium components and tests every LED to ensure build quality. The next generation Cree LED chip powers the DRD2M to the same 750 and 1000 lm outputs as before, but requires less energy. The decrease in driver output allows the new DRD2M7 to operate more efficiently at 10.8W, while the DRD2M10 lowers its power rating to 12.8W. Overall, the new LED chip delivers a 10% increase in efficiency. In addition to increased efficacy, the lower output also reduces heat, making the DRD2M even more reliable.

The next generation of lighting

At DMF Lighting, our aim is to make intelligent, future-focused lighting solutions. That philosophy continues beyond the product’s release. Be the first to hear about future DRD2M enhancements by following¬†us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.