Breaking Down California’s Energy Code Regulations

California Title 24 regulations have long been at the forefront of advancing energy efficiency. Historically, other states and agencies then adopt similar requirements, so understanding their application and impact is important for projects in California and beyond.

CA Title 24, Beyond the Golden State

Maintained by the California Energy Commission (CEC), the Title 24 Building Energy Efficiency Standards outlines minimum energy requirements for new and existing buildings to achieve energy efficiency. Launched back in 1978 after the oil crisis, the energy code is updated every few years with the objective of zero net energy use in all new homes by 2020 and commercial buildings by 2030.

Updates for CA Title 24 2016

CA Title 24 building lighting regulations are separated into two sections, residential and non-residential.

Effective January 1, 2017, all installed luminaires must be high efficacy for residential buildings. High efficacy is defined by the requirements set forth under the newly updated Joint Appendix 8 (JA8). JA8 requires luminaires meet minimum standards of Luminous Efficacy, Power Factor, Start Time, Color Characteristics, Maintenance and Dimming.

On the non-residential side, there are only minor lighting requirement changes for CA Title 24, including the continual decrease of lighting power density requirements and simplification of controls applications.

Major JA8 Requirements for LEDs

Efficacy 45 lumens/Watt or more
Power Factor 0.9 or more
Start Time 0.5 seconds or less
CCT within 0.0033 Duv of the black body locus
CRI 90 or more
R9 50 or more
Rated Life 15,000 hours or more
Dimming 10% or less
Flicker 30% or less


CA Title 24 JA8 2016 and DMF Lighting

Most DMF Lighting LED downlights are already compliant with the updated Title 24 JA8 2016 standards, including our award winning OneFrame (DRD2), DRD2, DRD3, DCD1 and LD2 product families. We were one of the first companies to have products approved. You can view all approved DMF light sources using the CEC Certified Appliance Search below. Simply follow the link, click on the Company tab and select DMF Lighting from the Manufacturer drop down menu.

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