H Series Compatibility


The H Series HM3C module is compatible with the following housings and trims.

Housing Trim
DMF Lighting H Series 4″ Housing (H4BH, H4SO, H4RM) H4TRSWH, H4TRFWH, H4TRAWH, H4TSSWH
DMF Lighting H Series 3″ Housing (H3BH, H3SO, H3RM) H3TRSWH, H3TRFWH, H3TRAWH, H3TSSWH
DMF Lighting 4″ Housing (DRDHNIC4, DRDHRIC4) H4TRFWH
Halo 4″ Housing (H456, H99I, H99T, H995, H457, H455R, H457R, H99RT, H995R) H4TRFWH
Juno 4″ Housing (IC1L, TC1, ICIRL, TC1B) H4TRFWH
Lithonia 4″ Housing (L3, L3R) H4TRFWH
Progress 4″ Housing (P83C, P831, P832) H4TRFWH
Carlon 3/O-4/O SuperBlue (BH525A-UPC, BH525P, BH525H, BH525HP, BH525LR) H4TRFWH
Cantex EZ Plastic Box (EZ25CHG-HW) H4TRFWH
Steel City 4” x 2-1/8” Deep Octagon Metal Box (54171) H4TRFWH
RACO 4” x 2-1/8” Deep Octagon Metal Box (167, 175) H4TRFWH





The H Series luminaire fittings covered by this report (H4BH, H4SO, H4RM, H3BH, H3SO, H3RM) are intended for use with the H Series HM3C module or certified 4” retrofit conversion kit (light source) with the following.

Maximum Height 3-3/8″
Maximum Wattage 13W input power
Power Supply Class 2 output