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Crafting Excellence

With premium craftsmanship and innovative designs, DMF Lighting focuses on engineering products that are bright and efficient as well as beautiful and durable.

Have you ever held a DMF product? If you haven’t had the opportunity, we invite you to pick one up the next time you see us. You’ll instantly recognize its exceptional build quality once it’s in your hands. That’s because our engineers dedicate themselves to designing downlights that illuminate beautifully and are built to last.

Quality craftsmanship

From our stainless-steel clips to our precision injected polycarbonate lenses, our engineers carefully consider the material for every component of our products. For example, we elected die cast aluminum for our heatsinks not only for its durability, but also for its thermal management properties. Aluminum is one of the most efficient materials at dissipating heat, resulting in safe operation and extended product life.

Utilizing premium materials also allows us to mold and shape our products into compact form factors to maximize compatibility. This close attention to detail allows us to confidently back all our products with a 5 year, 50,000 hour warranty.

Premium components

When choosing the components to power our modules, DMF only works with trusted partners. We work closely with industry leading suppliers like Cree, Samsung and Nichia so that their components integrate seamlessly into our designs. This intimate relationship with our suppliers allows us to get the most out of every aspect of our products.

Engineered for the future

DMF leverages the best available material and technology to craft premium products that exceed the energy standards of today and tomorrow. Most DMF Lighting LED downlights are already compliant with the updated Title 24 JA8 2016 standards, including our award winning OneFrame, DRD2, DRD3, DCD1 and LD2 product families. We were one of the first companies to have products approved.

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