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OneFrame Earns Another Accolade

New OneFrame Emergency Lighting feature gets recognized by IES for its innovative engineering and design

DMF Lighting has done it again with an award winning update to the revolutionary OneFrame LED Downlight. The OneFrame DRDHNJF was selected to the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) Progress Report for being the only LED downlight to combine Emergency Lighting with Fire, Sound, IC and Air Tight ratings, while remaining accessible from below the ceiling plane. This broadens OneFrame’s capacity for specialty lighting applications in multifamily and commercial spaces, without compromising its fire and sound-rated design.

OneFrame’s Emergency LED Driver option can provide lighting for more than 90 minutes after power failure – enough to meet common safety regulations, like NFPA 101. The Emergency Driver runs off a self-contained battery and charges once power is restored.

The emergency trim features a miniature test switch that is integrated into the trim recess, rather than the ceiling plane, to maintain a seamless and unobtrusive design. The custom integrated test switch is the smallest in the industry and provides a quiet subtle look.

Be on the look out for additional information and the complete 2017 IES Progress Report in the November 2017 issue of LD+A.