Commercial Recessed
LED Downlight Housings

Commercial Housings

New Construction

With butterfly brackets that adjust 4” vertically and accept 1/2” EMT, linear flat bars and “C” channels, the DCDH is suited for any commercial new construction application.

Commercial Remodel Housings


The Commercial LED Remodel Housing features 4 tempered steel spring clips to tightly secure the housing to an existing ceiling.

4", 6" or 8" aperture

Whatever your needs, DMF offers a variety of
apertures for your application.

Powered by DMF’s incredible
LED technology

When it comes to LEDs, DMF’s technology is second to none. We use premium components, test every LED to ensure build quality, and provide a five year limited warranty for each of our products.

DCD1 Commercial
LED Module

The DCD1 Light Engine produces powerful
lighting in a compact package, delivering up
to 2000 lumens with a 90+ CRI rating.

View DCD1

DCD2 Commercial LED Module

For high ceiling applications, the DCD2 can produce up to 4000 lumens to ensure the space is properly lit.

View DCD2

DRD2 LED Module

DMF's flagship module, the DRD2 offers top tier lighting
and efficiency at up to 1000 lumens.

View DRD2 LED Module

Product Details

Classic Frames – DCDH

Commercial Recessed LED Downlight Housings
New Construction, Remodel
4", 6", 8" Aperture
  • DCDH 4" New Construction
  • DCDH 6" New Construction
  • DCDH 8" New Construction
  • DCDH 4" Remodel
  • DCDH 6" Remodel
  • DCDH 8" Remodel

Classic Frames – DCDH – Retired

Commercial Recessed LED Downlight Housings
New Construction, Remodel
4″, 6″, 8″ Aperture
Features Include:
  • UL Listed approved for use with DMF's advanced LED modules
  • Installation is simple with the use of a flex adapter

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