Residential Recessed
LED Downlight Trims

Premium construction
for any room in the house

Forged from die cast aluminium, our trims come in different
apertures, shapes, styles and finishes to match the design needs
of your unique project.

4", 5" and 6" aperture trims

4", 5" or 6" aperture

Whether you prefer the minimalist aesthetic of a 4" trim or the broader beam angle of a 6", choose the size that best fits your design.

Smooth or Baffle style available

Featuring a classic, elegant design that complements any design, the smooth and baffle trims pair perfectly with any project.

Square on Square

Square on square design expertly die casted with sharp edges and precise corners for a modern aesthetic.

Wall Wash Residential Trim

Wall Wash

Perfect for accent lighting on walls or artwork, the Wall Wash Trim distributes wide angle lighting on vertical and horizontal surfaces.

Going Deep

6" Deep Trims are ideal for hiding the light source in lower ceilings for glare-free lighting.

Custom Colors Available

Custom colors available

Make your project completely your own with fully customizable color options for all trims.

  • Classic 4" Smooth

  • Classic 4" Baffle

  • Classic 4" Square on Round

  • Classic 4" Square

  • Classic 4" Wall Wash

  • Classic 5" Smooth

  • Classic 5" Baffle

  • Classic 5" Wall Wash

  • Classic 6" Smooth

  • Classic 6" Baffle

  • Classic 6" Wall Wash

  • Classic 6" Deep Smooth

  • Classic 6" Deep Baffle

Same look, different light

The DRD2T residential trims can integrate with any DMF LED with a simple Twist & Lock. This allows you to combine and layer different light sources while retaining the same ceiling aesthetic.

DRD2 LED Module

With a compact go anywhere design and advanced lighting capability,
the DRD2 features a modular OneLED® design to integrate seamlessly
into a wide range of applications.

View DRD2 LED Module

DRD3 Adjustable LED Module

With 360º directional aim and 45º tilt that won’t cross the ceiling plane, DRD3M is perfect for specialized designs like sloped ceilings.

View DRD3

DCD1 Commercial LED Module

The DCD1M Light Engine produces powerful lighting in a compact package, delivering up to 2000 lumens with a 90+ CRI rating.

View DCD1

DRDH Residential LED Housings

Air Tight, IC Rated
Residential Housings

All of our DRDH housings are UL Listed approved for use with
DMF's advanced LED modules and trims.

View Residential Housings

Product Details

Classic Trims – DRD2T

Residential Recessed LED Downlight Trims
New Construction, Remodel, Retrofit
4″, 5″, 6″ Aperture
  • 4" Round Smooth Residential Trim
  • 4" Round Baffle Residential Trim
  • 4" Round Wall Wash Residential Trim
  • 4" Square Smooth Residential Trim
  • 4" Square on Round Smooth Residential Trim
  • 5" Round Smooth Residential Trim
  • 5" Round Baffle Residential Trim
  • 5" Round Wall Wash Residential Trim
  • 6" Round Smooth Residential Trim
  • 6" Round Baffle Residential Trim
  • 6" Round Wall Wash Residential Trim
  • 6" Deep Smooth Residential Trim
  • 6" Deep Baffle Residential Trim

Classic Trims – DRD2T

Residential Recessed LED Downlight Trims
New Construction, Remodel, Retrofit
4″, 5″, 6″ Aperture
Features Include:
  • Quality construction: die-cast aluminum with rigid tension clips
  • Twist & Lock feature allows for easy, tool-free installation
  • Available in a variety of apertures, shapes and styles
  • Fully custom colors available

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