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Adjustable LED Module

The adjustable DRD4 brings ultimate flexibility with an integrated driver and 20º, 30º, and 40º beam options. With its tool-free aiming and field changeable optics and accessories, the DRD4 radically simplifies modern lighting design.

No dead spots

Full 360˚ directional aiming

Class leading 45° tilt

More flexibility for angled walls,
distant aiming and more.

Need to make a change?

The DRD4 is built with special non-conductive
material that enables hot aiming by hand. Plus,
it offers tool-free, field changeable optics and
accessories that are easy to use for anyone,
not just electricians.

Tactile feedback

As you rotate the DRD4, you’ll feel a click
every 5º that gives you precise feedback
and locks the light in place long after you
make an adjustment.

Disappearing act

Thanks to a special track that tilts inward,
rather than a traditional pivot axis, the DRD4
can tilt without disrupting the clean, flat line
of a ceiling plane.

Best-in-class efficiency

The DRD4 is the only adjustable module in its class
to be certified compliant with California’s demanding
Title 24 JA8 initiative, which makes it both cost
effective and environmentally sound.

20°, 30°, or 40° optics options
with up to 7100 candelas of
focused light at 90+ CRI

Space saving innovations

The combination of the DRD4 and OneFrame can be installed in as little as 4” of ceiling space, so they can fit in most applications, reaching places and projects other LED light engines can’t.

Truly modular

With the OneFrame System, you can switch from
a general LED to the directional DRD4 in minutes,
making it one of the most versatile downlighting
solutions on the market.

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Warm Dim Technology

Warm Dim gives people the flexibility to choose the
light that’s right for them by dimming from vibrant,
full-spectrum lighting to warm, comfortable illumination.

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Product Details


Adjustable LED Module
New Construction
Junction Box
  • DRD4 with Round Trim
  • DRD4 White with Round Trim
  • DRD4 with Pinhole Trim
  • DRD4 with Beveled Pinhole Trim
  • DRD4 with Hyperbolic Trim
  • DRD4 Adjustable LED Module
  • DRD4 xc
  • DRD4 with hexcell louver accessory


Adjustable LED Module
New Construction
Junction Box
Features Include:
  • Precise, 360º adjustable downlight expands the capabilities of DMF’s award winning OneFrame
  • Tool-free, field changeable optics and accessories simplify specification and adapt to your design
  • Class leading 45° tilt and 20°, 30°, or 40° optics put light control at your fingertips
  • Up to 7100 candelas of focused light with 90+ CRI without sacrificing efficiency

Take the next step to better lighting.