New M Series

Seamless integration

The materials, heft, and finish of our M Series Trims set them apart in the category. With over 50 unique trims, there's a design for any aesthetic – wall wash, pinhole, round, square, flangeless – all completely interchangeable and available in a wide range of finishes.

It’s all in the twist

Our patented Twist & Lock feature allows for easy, tool-free installation

Light that won’t leak

All DMF trims are constructed using precision-crafted aluminum
and utilize rigid tension clips to ensure a tight ceiling fit.
This creates a seamless contact point between the trim
and ceiling and completely prevents light leakage.

Flangeless options

The most demanding applications demand
luminaries that disappear into the architecture.
Our flangeless trims are installed so only
the reflector and lens are visible.

A perfect match for your project

We offer highly customizable options for trim finish and shape. Whether you need a fixture that blends in seamlessly, or you want to provide a striking contrast, DMF has the trim for you.
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Classic, elegant design that pairs perfectly with any project


Expertly die-cast with sharp edges and precise corners for a modern aesthetic

Round on Square

Unobstructed illumination from a square profile


Features a unique reflector that provides completely smooth, uniform light while blending seamlessly into ceilings


Helps focus light distribution for a narrow, spotlight effect to highlight objects

Beveled Pinhole

Clean, contemporary design with a subtle beveled edge

Wall Wash

Produces broad, angled lighting while never crossing the ceiling plane


For an ultra-minimal aesthetic with lights that practically disappear into ceilings


Pleasant, ambient illumination from a frosted acrylic decorative trim

Emergency Lighting

Integrated test switch on the trim recess maintains quiet ceiling design

More Colors

New standard finishes, including bronze, clear diffuse, and warm diffuse, expand their versatility or make the project completely your own with fully customizable color options for all trims.

Works with the DRD Series

The M Series Trims are part of the DRD Series modular downlighting system. With robust lighting capabilities, the versatile solution hits every lighting spec you may come across.

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Product Details

M Series – Trims

4" Round or Square Trim
  • M Series 4" Round Trim
  • M Series 4" Square Trim
  • M Series 4" Round Hyperbolic Trim
  • M Series 4" Round Pinhole Trim
  • M Series 4" Square Pinhole Trim
  • M Series 4" Round Wall Wash Trim
  • M Series 4" Square Wall Wash Trim
  • M Series 4" Round Flangeless Trim
  • M Series 4" Square Flangeless Trim

M Series – Trims

4" Round or Square Trim
Specs At A Glance:
  • APERTURE: 4"
  • SHAPE: Round, Square
  • STYLE: Beveled, Hyperbolic, Pinhole, Beveled Pinhole, Wall Wash, Flangeless, Decorative, Dead Front
  • FINISH: White, Black, Bronze, Clear Diffused, Warm Diffused, Custom

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