A more perfect

Precision installation,
now made faster + simpler

The SquareFrame is a breakthrough addition to the DMF downlighting family. It takes the OneFrame’s exceptional flexibility, simplicity and performance and reimagines it in a square format that delivers perfect alignment.

All the benefits of the
OneFrame. Squared.

The SquareFrame is the perfect foundation for a
fully interchangeable system of modules and trims
that give you endless choice over how your lighting
works and looks.


By swapping out our modular components, you
can change your light without replacing the
junction box, drastically reducing costs and labor.

Drastically smaller than
the competition

Compact size greatly simplifies installation
and fit compared to 12" x 16" housings

When perfection matters

You need a housing that can do it all: up and
down, side to side, with 90 degrees of rotation
and lateral translation. You need options and you
need fine-tuning. You need a SquareFrame.

View SquareFrame Housing

Eliminate light leak

A vertically floating module, rigid stainless
steel trim clips, and an innovative trim lip design
help ensure a snug ceiling fit.

One housing,
multiple options

One SquareFrame can illuminate a whole project
with your choice of light and aesthetics options.
Select from General (DRD2), Apex Series (DRD2X),
and Adjustable (DRD4) modules that deliver exactly
what your project demands.

View DRD2 LED Module

View DRD2X LED Module

View DRD4 LED Module

Trims that aren’t
an afterthought

The best way to see what makes SquareFrame
trims unique is simply by holding them in your
hands. Then you can appreciate the meticulous
effort that we put into them, from the quality
and heft of the materials to their sophisticated,
timeless design.

Fine tuning for
a flawless finish

Built-in play in our trims allows you to precisely
set the final trim angle, and a lip on the trim
ensures a perfect seal with the ceiling, eliminating
light leak.

View SquareFrame Trims

Product Details

SquareFrame System

Recessed LED Downlighting
New Construction
DRDHNJS Square Junction Box
  • SquareFrame, DRD2, Square Trim, White
  • SquareFrame, exploded view, DRD2 General LED, Square Trim, White
  • SquareFrame, exploded view, DRD2X Apex Series LED, Pinhole Trim, White
  • SquareFrame, exploded view, DRD4 Adjustable LED, Round on Square Trim, White
  • SquareFrame Housing, three-quarter view
  • SquareFrame Housing, bottom view
  • SquareFrame Housing, top view
  • SquareFrame Housing, side view
  • SquareFrame Emergency

SquareFrame System

Recessed LED Downlighting
New Construction
DRDHNJS Square Junction Box
Features Include:
  • Delivers superior aesthetics and greater versatility over other square downlight solutions
  • Swappable modular components allow you to radically alter your light without replacing the junction box
  • Suite of housing installation features provide the perfect fit quickly and with less hassle
  • Choose between general, accent, directional, or wall wash lighting
  • Delivers up to 1000 lumens of 90+ CRI LED light
  • Thirteen available square trim styles, including flangeless
  • Compliant with a wide range of building codes including Fire, Sound, Air Tight, and IC Rating

Take the next step to better lighting.