July 23, 2020

While AV and automation have always been hallmarks of custom integration, lighting usage among integrators has soared in recent years. Integrators today truly understand the benefits quality lighting can bring to a space.

The rapid growth can be attributed to not just how critical lighting is to a space, but how easy lights are to specify as well. Specifying light fixtures is not all that different from other home integration products. And DMF Lighting products, in particular, are specifically designed to adapt to change, making specification even simpler.

Interchangeable Components

Key to DMF’s products ease of use is their modularity. Each fixture is a system of interchangeable components, allowing you to create diverse types of lighting while utilizing the same in-ceiling housing. That means it easily adapts to changes even after installation. There’s no need to redo lighting layouts or spec all new fixtures.

“We can work very well from a rough phase without any changes and then if the designer wanted to make changes, DMF has that possibility. And there’s not that many companies out there that allow you to change lamps and trims that way.”
– Andres Klein, MAXICON

In addition, plug-and-play connections and integrated drivers make those changes simple. There’s zero wiring and above ceiling access needed, which drastically reduces costs and labor.

This not only ensures the perfect design today, but anyone can also alter the design in the future by updating any light or trim element. Always get exactly the right light, even when needs change.

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