DRD2 Fixed Downlighting System

Our engineers redesigned the DRD2 to be more versatile than ever, adding field-changeable optics, 1% dimming with any control system, and plug and play 0-10V wiring.

It's simplicity engineered.

More Light

The next generation DRD2 increases its
light output to up to 1500 lumens without
sacrificing its trademark 93+ CRI lighting
for natural, true-to-life colors

More Options

Field-changeable light distribution ranging
from 15° to 90°+ produces precise, high
performance lighting control

Efficiency is at the Core

Integrated Drivers

Our in-house designed T2 and O1 Drivers
are compatible with TRIAC/ELV or 0-10V
protocols and integrated into the module
to simplify installations, re-designs and

Go Inside

Warm Dim Technology

Warm Dim gives people the flexibility to choose the
light that’s right for them by dimming from vibrant,
full-spectrum lighting to warm, comfortable illumination.

Ambient comfort, intuitive control.

Quick Install

Integrated driver and plug-and-play
connection require no wiring

Modular Design

Interchangeable modules, optics and trims can keep up with the fast-paced and ever-changing nature of your projects.

Meet DRD + M Series

One solution for every
fixture type

The next generation DRD Series is engineered
for ultimate flexibility. Write fixture schedules
with ease using a single housing family.

View M Series Housings

Classic Frames

In addition to DMF's award-winning housings, the DRD Series can also install into traditional 4", 5" and 6" aperture housings for new construction, remodel or retrofit applications.

Beyond downlights: LED cylinders

The DRD Series’s modular design also allows it to power our DCC Cylinders, making it a lamp source for pendant, wall and surface mount fixtures in addition to recessed downlights.

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Twist & Lock trims

The Twist & Lock feature allows for easy,
tool-free installations and seamless integration
with multiple trim options.

Aluminum Trims

Over 50 unique trims to choose from
to complement the unique aesthetic of
the space. Like the modules, the trims
are completely interchangeable.

View M Series Trims

Product Details


Fixed Downlight
New Construction, Remodel, Retrofit
Junction Box, 4", 5", 6" Aperture
  • DRD2 Fixed Downlight
  • DRD2 - rear view
  • DRD2 - field-changeable optics
  • DRD2 - integrated driver
  • DRD2 & OneFrame


Fixed Downlight
New Construction, Remodel, Retrofit
Junction Box, 4″, 5″, 6″ Aperture
Specs At A Glance:
  • DELIVERED LUMENS: 750 lm, 1000 lm, 1250 lm, 1500 lm
  • COLOR QUALITY: 93+ CRI, 2-step SDCM
  • COLOR TEMPERATURE: 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, Warm Dim
  • BEAM SPREAD: Narrow Spot, Spot, Flood, Wide Flood, General, Linear Spread, Soft Focus

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