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DMF designs and builds LED downlighting that sets the bar for flexibility, performance, and quality. Our in-house engineering team pushes the boundaries of lighting, constantly refining products and extending our modular system. Every DMF product strikes the perfect balance between performance and value that will endure for years to come.

Three Decades of Quality

Our customers trust us because they know they can trust our products. We test all our products in our in-house labs to make sure they meet our stringent standards. We check for everything from dimmer compatibility to fixture-to-fixture color consistency, ensuring that the lights you buy perform exactly as advertised.

Commitment to Our Customers

Our decades of experience have taught us that treating customers right is about getting them the right products at the right time. Not only do we provide excellent, responsive customer service, we back it up with some of the fastest shipping available in the industry.

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What Will Your Job Look Like in 2034?

DMF’s Nate Hagemeier featured in The Electrical Distribution Handbook, Volume XIII

An annual tradition for the past 13 years, the Electrical Distribution Handbook has featured articles and advice from professionals across the electrical industry. “Growth in the industry, both personally as well as professionally, happens when people turn to their peers for guidance—and that is the idea behind our Electrical Distribution Handbook series,” wrote the magazine’s editor.

When the Electrical Distributor (tED) magazine reached out to DMF Lighting for insights to help guide growth in the industry, Vice President of Sales, Nate Hagemeier, tackled the question: “What Will Your Job Look Like in 2034?”

Electrical Distributor (tED) magazine: “From AI to generational changes, data gathering, increased e-commerce, and more, the industry is changing. How do you envision the part you play in electrical distribution to be different in 2034?”

Nate Hagemeier: “Operational efficiency will reach an all-time high in previously human-centric and time-consuming tasks (quoting, forecasting, materials planning, transacting orders, reconciling AP/AR, managing inventory, etc.). All industry parties (owners, designers, manufacturers, contractors, and distributors) will participate in and be impacted by this paradigm shift. As efficiency and adaptive technology become the norm, greater importance will be placed on building effective and trusting professional relationships. The human element will be the most valuable and impactful.”

To read the entire handbook, click here.

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X Series Downlights Named 2024 Sustainable Product of the Year

Awarded by Green Builder, X Series 2-inch downlights excel in energy efficiency, eco-consciousness, and more.

DMF Lighting’s X Series 2-inch downlights have been selected by Green Builder’s editorial team as a 2024 Sustainable Product of the Year, which represents today’s most innovative products that make homes more efficient, resilient, healthy, intelligent, and safe.

Providing the ultimate in performance, installation, serviceability, and sustainability, the downlights are Title 24 JA8 and RoHS compliant, and Declare listed — free of toxins and harmful chemicals deemed non-sustainable. The energy-efficient LED downlights are also ENEGY STAR® rated and consume only 9.5 to 16.5 watts, based on the selected lumens.

DMF is dedicated to saving our earth through eco-friendly practices, including energy-efficient design, recycled material usage, waste reduction strategies, and a post-warranty refurbishment program.

Learn more about our Sustainability Commitment.

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DMF’s Commitment to Sustainability

Shining a light on sustainability

DMF is dedicated to saving our earth through eco-friendly practices, including energy-efficient design, recycled materials usage, waste reduction strategies, and a post-warranty refurbishment program.

Designed to the Most Rigorous Standards

Energy Efficiency – Based in California, all our products are LED and designed around the most stringent local mandates and energy codes, like Title 24 ensuring optimum energy efficiency.

Declare Listed, Red List Compliant Since 2020 – DMF was one of the first downlighting manufacturers to become Declare Listed and today all product SKUs proudly carry the Declare Label.

Sustainably Designed – We continue to be at the forefront of sustainable design.  Universal, junction box-based housings are designed free of electronics ensuring a future-proof solution.

Manufactured for Optimum Performance

Non-Waste Sheet Metal – By design, all of our sheet metal punch outs and excess scrap metal are utilized for smaller components minimizing waste and cost.

Alternative Material Sourcing – Our H Series housings are manufactured in the United States out of PET plastic making them not only recyclable but incredibly lightweight, providing for more efficient transport.

20% Aluminum Reuse Policy – 20% of the diecast aluminum parts used in our light fixtures are recycled to provide a sustainable footprint while at the same time ensuring we are not sacrificing the integrity of the material or performance.

Filling Orders, not Landfills

Recyclable Packaging – All DMF packaging is made of recyclable cardboard and additionally, any used packaging we receive is shredded and repurposed as filling for future packages.

Bulk Packaging – Available upon request to help you minimize job site waste.

End of Life & Long-Term Maintenance Commitment

90% Recyclable Components – All metal, steel & plastic components in our product are recyclable, additionally DMF will recycle your retired electronics free of charge if you send them back to our factory.

Post Warranty Refurbishment Program – Housings from our product can be reused to update spaces sustainably with little labor impact.  You can be confident there will be new products that will support your upgrades for years to come. DMF is committing to circular product solutions, ensuring you have a solution for your fixture when it reaches the end of its life.  For any product sold from 2024 and on, DMF’s refurbishment program will rework or offer a backwards compatible product 5 years after warranty to give you the most sustainable solution.

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