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DMF designs and builds LED downlighting that sets the bar for flexibility, performance, and quality. Our in-house engineering team pushes the boundaries of lighting, constantly refining products and extending our modular system. Every DMF product strikes the perfect balance between performance and value that will endure for years to come.

Three Decades of Quality

Our customers trust us because they know they can trust our products. We test all our products in our in-house labs to make sure they meet our stringent standards. We check for everything from dimmer compatibility to fixture-to-fixture color consistency, ensuring that the lights you buy perform exactly as advertised.

Commitment to Our Customers

Our decades of experience have taught us that treating customers right is about getting them the right products at the right time. Not only do we provide excellent, responsive customer service, we back it up with some of the fastest shipping available in the industry.

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Living Building Challenge Compliant Since 2020

DMF Lighting is proud to have its LED Downlight System and Surface-Mount LED carrying the Declared Label and be Living Building Challenge compliant since 2020. The Living Building Challenge is an international sustainable building certification program. Similar to LEED, Green Globes, and other standards recognized by local, state, and international governments, it’s the world’s most rigorous proven performance standard for buildings. People from around the world use its regenerative design framework to create spaces that give more than they take.

Living Buildings are:

  • Regenerative buildings that connect occupants to light, air, food, nature, and community.
  • Self-sufficient and remain within the resource limits of their site.
  • Create a positive impact on the human and natural systems that interact with them.


“An LBC certified building has to use construction materials – including lighting equipment – that do not contain certain toxins. Using an LBC Compliant product meets this mandate, eliminating adverse environmental, health, and social impacts.”

Benjamin Chen
Product Architect, DMF Lighting

DMF’s commitment to better living

Efficiency and sustainability are core values at DMF, pushing us to design ever-more energy efficient lights and informing the materials we use to build our products. Projects using DMF’s downlight system and surface-mount cylinders, are on the pathway to reaching the top classification of Living Certified.

LBC Red List Approved under the Declare program, DMF’s downlight and cylinders fulfill the disclosure credit requirements under LBC Materials Petal Imperatives in fostering a transparent materials economy free of certain toxins and harmful chemicals deemed non-sustainable. In addition, the Declare program is also an officially recognized compliance path in LEED v4 under the Building Product Optimization credit.

Regulatory Incentives

Developers who choose to become LBC compliant ensure the sustainability of their project, and may even qualify for certain regulatory incentives. “In Seattle, projects in certain zones with LBC certification could build up to 25% more floor area and height than regulations allow,” stated Chen. While in Miami Beach, LBC compliant projects may be eligible for a full rebate on mandated sustainability fees. Moreover, LBC certification increases a building’s long-term value, and makes it more desirable for clients interested in reducing their environmental footprint. Compelling incentive case studies can also currently be seen in Vancouver, Washington, Ohio, and Oregon.

Using non-LBC compliant  products puts developers and designers at risk of including toxic materials in a project. By using LBC Declared and compliant products like DMF’s LED lighting solutions, projects are one step closer to pursuing the highest level of sustainability and regenerative design.

For more information on DMF’s Living Building Challenge compliance, please visit our Declare Products page.

Learn more about the International Living Future Institute.


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DRD5S Matches Sendero Verde’s Innovative Concept

Location: New York, NY
Products: DRD5S, 4″ Surface Mount Housing
Architecture: Handel Architects
Landscape Architecture: AECOM
Developer: Jonathan Rose Companies

Located in East Harlem in New York City, Sendero Verde boasts 709 designated affordable apartment units as well as extensive community spaces, retail stores, outdoor gardens and a school. By providing a variety of opportunities and support services under one roof, the project creates an Community of Opportunity that can help break the cycle of poverty that disrupts so many people’s lives. Certified by both Passive House Institute and Enterprise Green Communities, Sendero Verde is the largest fully affordable Passive House building in the world, ensuring superior levels of energy efficiency, indoor air quality, occupant comfort, and resiliency.

The project was awarded through the City’s SustainNYC program, which seeks to create affordable housing for New Yorkers without compromising design quality. That philosophy of quality and design is reflected in the living spaces, which feature cost-saving amenities and appliances such as the affordable DRD5S Surface Mount.

Packed with technical breakthroughs, the ultra-thin DRD5S matches the elegance of a high-end recessed downlight at a fraction of the price. Extending just 0.6 inches below the ceiling plane, it’s designed to minimize its visual profile while maintaining fire and sound ratings required in multifamily structures — making it the perfect match for this one-of-kind affordable mixed-use project.

Learn more about DRD5S Surface Mount.

About Handel Architects

Handel Architects was founded in 1994 with a commitment to making cities better places to live. They believe that architecture and design matter, and that through their work, they can make a positive difference in the world. They strive to create buildings that are not just things in themselves, but serve as catalysts for positive urban and social change.


AECOM’s landscape architecture practice seeks to positively impact communities through the design of artful social spaces combining sustainable infrastructure with cultural relevance and expression. They measure landscape performance to ensure that the long-term viability of landscapes they design can be accomplished and sustained. They work at all scales, from park systems and corporate campuses to intimate courtyards, across the Americas and the globe.

About Jonathan Rose Companies

Jonathan Rose Companies believes that every resident of every community deserves an equal opportunity to thrive. They apply the transformative power of connected, integrative, well-designed, thoughtfully programmed places to restore the balance between humans and nature and to increase well-being. Their goal is for each project to be a replicable model of environmental, social and economic responsibility, creating plans, buildings, communities and investments that learn from and contribute to the growing body of positive solutions to the challenges of 21st century cities.


Visit Sendero Verde.


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Green Builder Recognizes H Series for Sustainability

DMF Lighting is excited to have the H Series named in the Honorable Mentions of Green Builder’s 2023 Sustainable Products of the Year. The annual list recognizes prominent, enviro-friendly products while honoring companies that encourage sustainability and go above and beyond in manufacturing items through innovative technology.

The H Series brings downlighting with stellar efficiency and a sustainable design to the whole home. The downlight goes beyond standard efficacy requirements and is both California Title 24 JA8 compliant and ENERGY STAR qualified. Manufactured in the US, the housings are recyclable and free of non-sustainable, harmful toxins.

DMF Lighting is committed to better living, pushing us to design ever-more energy efficient lights and informing the materials we use to build our products.

Learn more about the H Series.


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