DMF designs and builds LED downlighting that sets the bar for flexibility, performance, and quality. Our in-house engineering team pushes the boundaries of lighting, constantly refining products and extending our modular system. Every DMF product strikes the perfect balance between performance and value that will endure for years to come.

our story

Thirty years ago, Mark and his wife Faye founded DMF in their living room. He was focused on designing products, while she developed sales and customer service.


They were both passionate about creating a better lighting company, and their small home soon became DMF’s first warehouse and lab.

Their ingenuity and drive became our company’s DNA, and eventually turned DMF into a lighting industry leader.


Today, our in-house R&D lab is filled with brilliant engineers always at work improving our products and inventing new ones.

Our engineers create products that deliver exceptional performance and aesthetics, while saving you time and money, year after year.


They understand that light is more than illumination, it’s what makes a space beautiful, useful, and ultimately, livable.

Our founder’s ethos animates every part of our company, from our tireless customer service to our fast, intelligent distribution.


If you want lighting that’s not just built better, but built smarter, DMF is the lighting partner for you.

Engineered for the future

We’re constantly working to keep our lighting on the cutting edge, whether that means incorporating new technology or testing for future-forward compatibility. Our products don’t just sit on the shelf – we’re always thinking about how to make them smaller, more efficient, and easier to use.

Always pushing forward

The integrated driver is a great example of how our process works. We needed a new way to shrink down the overall size of the DRD2, and eventually realized the driver was the answer. With a lot of hard work, we ended up creating something totally new.

Every part counts

At DMF, a single team guides a project from concept to manufacturing. Our engineers think holistically about how optics, electronics, aesthetics, and usability interact. And because we make everything we can in-house, every aspect of our products works together flawlessly to deliver realistic, transformative light.

“What makes us unique is the modularity and the compactness of our products, and how easy they are to use.”

Performance elevated

DMF’s engineering-driven approach to downlighting is all about pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. The Apex Series delivers on that promise by combining the highest level of performance we offer.

Three decades of quality

Our customers trust us because they know they can trust our products. We test all our products in our in-house labs to make sure they meet our stringent standards.

Multi-tiered testing

We check for everything from dimmer compatibility to fixture-to-fixture color consistency, ensuring that the lights you buy perform exactly as advertised.

“We’re focused on engineering
lighting that lasts, not chasing trends.”

Quality you can feel

Our trims are built from high-quality aluminum, which makes them more durable – you can really feel how solid they are. They also fit tighter to the ceiling, so they won’t sag, and they won’t leak light.

DMF fixtures have a 99.4% success rate. That’s a number you can put your trust in.

Commitment to our customers

Our decades of experience have taught us that treating customers right is about getting them the right products at the right time. Not only do we provide excellent, responsive customer service, we back it up with some of the fastest shipping available in the industry.

Lights when you need them

Our Southern California warehouse and network of suppliers in the United States and Canada means that the lights you need are never far away. Our time-tested supply chain and nimble logistics ensure fast, accurate deliveries.

We know how to deliver

DMF is committed to high-touch customer service. And that means doing everything we can to accommodate our customers unique shipping needs. Special carriers, specific pallet dimensions, exact shipment dates? You name it, we’ve done it.

Customer-first family business

Throughout our three decades in business we’ve maintained a customer-first approach anchored by the quality of our products and the uncompromising service delivered by our team.

“Many of the developers and contractors we've worked with for years are family businesses. We're proud to keep those relationships generation after generation.”

Careers at DMF

Do you love challenging yourself to grow and learn? Are you passionate about finding answers to tough problems? Want to make a difference as part of a stellar team at a family-owned company? Then DMF Lighting is the place for you. DMF is a fast-growing leader in the lighting industry, always hard at work engineering what comes next.

Job Openings

We’re looking for exceptional people who share our passion for making things better, smarter, and more brilliant. Browse our open listings below to see if you’re a match.