March 26, 2019


Each year, DMF honors a special selection from our network of representatives for all the great work they do. The Brilliance Awards celebrate not just great performance, but a partner’s outstanding dedication to reflecting all that DMF stands for, from knowledge and partnership to loyalty and professionalism.

Diamond Award

The Diamond Award celebrates representatives without equal. Diamond Award winners excel at communicating with the whole DMF organization and are constantly learning more about our products and policies. Their excellence reflects amazing sales performances, especially across different business segments. Their passion and dedication makes them more than just partners, it makes them key members of the DMF Family.

Prism Award

The Prism Award goes to the Representative that achieved great success in their first year with DMF. These remarkable reps go beyond the day to day to successfully integrate themselves into the DMF ecosystem, quickly and effectively building relationships and knowledge. Prism Award winners demonstrate their hard work and potential for growth. They have a bright future together with DMF.

Crystal Award

The Crystal Award recognizes Representatives, who achieve their agreed sales quota goals. Such commitment and achievement are essential to our DMF business success. Crystal Award winners help us invest consistently in our business, growing our products, people, and impact to the market. Their partnership excellence is recognized and greatly appreciated.

Vision Award

The Vision Award is given to individuals who demonstrate an unparalleled bond with DMF in ways both large and small. They champion our products, our brand, and our spirit in everything that they do. Vision Award winners help DMF and our customers achieve great things because their insight solves problems and illuminates new approaches. Their excellence is a beacon that inspires our team and beyond.


Congratulations to the 2018 recipients

Our manufacturer’s representatives are the cornerstone of our business and we are proud to bestow the very best of them these Brilliance Awards. Congratulations to the winners and thank you everyone for your effort and dedication.


We look forward to another year of continued success and creativity from next year’s award winners!

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