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At DMF, we believe we are the most well-rounded downlight offering on the market, providing you with a high-quality light fixture without the sticker shock. We understand how important it is to you to preserve the integrity of your designs against the dreaded value engineering rounds and with our solutions, we provide you with the specification features that you desire while providing installation advantages too good for your contractor partners to fight you on.


Construction timelines are moving quicker than ever before. Our universal and truly modular solutions allow you to make changes on the fly to fixture lumen packages, color temperature, optics, and trims without major repercussions to your budgets or schedules. Additionally, the ability to re-use components like our fixture housings and often trims in many cases provide a sustainable solution for when changes are required or space needs change over the course of time.


As a specifier, you are not only in the business of providing your client with a beautiful design, but offering them the best possible solution for long term reliability and maintenance. DMF evaluates our products based on an LM-84 full fixture product lifetime protocol providing peace of mind that our 50,000-hour warranty will be met. DMF solutions are also developed with backwards compatibility so as new features and products are introduced into the market, existing customers are able to update and do so sustainably.

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