September 15, 2021

Submission: Service Tech
Project: Britt Design Group
Location: Austin, TX
Product(s): M Series Residential, S Series, & M Series Cylinder

Description:We were able to use a variety of DMF lighting products in our collaboration with Britt Design Group in the build-out of their new office space in Austin, Texas. The lobby of BDG’s new space serves as a rotating art gallery so we used the M Series Residential square wall wash trims for an even distribution of light that will accommodate multiple sizes of pieces to display. The wall wash trim is also used in the Conference Room to highlight the magnetic dry erase wall to display their project ideas and finishes. Under stair storage and mechanical rooms are lit with square surface mounts. The Reception is welcoming with general lighting with square trims. A pathway of M Series Cylinder pendants with decorative trims guides you through the Library and Corridor with three cylinder pendants accenting the artwork at the entrance of the Conference Room doors. The Break-room general lighting utilizes round trims except for three round wall wash trims to accent display walls. Three of the four offices are lit with round trims, except Laura’s office that has six round trims to highlight her artwork and diplomas.”  – Tatiana Bednorz, Lighting & Shades Dept Manager


M Series Residential

The M Series Residential family is part of DMF’s most versatile, M Series product offering.  Centered around a compact, four-inch, plug-and-play LED module with an integrated driver the M Series delivers the optimal balance of form and function. Paired with one of the award-winning M Series Housings, you can achieve fire, sound, wet location, and other ratings required for the most demanding projects.  The M Series, true to all DMF offerings, provides outstanding illumination and color consistency while being simple to specify, install, and maintain.

S Series

The S Series redefines what’s possible for a surface mount downlight. Packed with technical breakthroughs, the ultra-thin S Series matches the elegance of a high-end recessed downlight. In addition, it’s more versatile because it can fit more applications, even those with limited plenum space.

M Series Cylinder

Utilizing a suite of customizable features with our high-performing LED modules, the M Series Cylinder provides brilliant illumination and a beautiful design versatile enough for whatever your project needs. With trim options, uplight capability, and housings for indoor, outdoor, and wet locations, M Series Cylinders offer a vast array of features that also include a variety of mounting styles such as wall, surface, and pendant mount.

About Service Tech

Founded in 2003, Service Tech in Austin, TX focused more on how a client will work, live, and play in their space. Understanding our clients “Activities” helps us design superior AV systems that make sense and match ease of operation. Learn more about Service Tech.

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