Pacific Medical Buildings at Sandbox

An office with coastal ambiance blends functionality and modern style. 

Location: Solana Beach, CA
Products: M Series Residential & M Series Cylinder
Architect: ID Studios Inc.
Lighting Designer: Elluminet
Engineer: Elen Consulting Inc.
General Contractor: Pacific Building Group
Photography Credit: Pink Media Productions

Pacific Medical Buildings at Sandbox is a 10,000 SF office space in Solana Beach, complete with collaborative areas, a conference room, kitchen, and even surfboard storage.

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M Series Residential

M Series Residential is a part of DMF’s most versatile M Series family. Centered around a compact, four-inch, plug-and-play LED module with an integrated driver the M Series delivers the optimal balance of form and function. The M Series, true to all DMF offerings, provides outstanding illumination and color consistency while being simple to specify, install, and maintain.

M Series Cylinder‚Äč‚Äč

Utilizing a suite of customizable features with our high-performing LED modules, the M Series Cylinder provides brilliant illumination and a beautiful design versatile enough for whatever your project needs. With trim options, uplight capability, and housings for indoor, outdoor, and wet locations, the M Series Cylinder offers a vast array of features that also include a variety of mounting styles such as a wall, surface, stem, and cord mount.

About ID Studios Inc.

Founded in 2005 by Amy Morway and Deborah Elliott, ID Studios was established with a vision to create a thriving interior design and architecture firm that blends creativity with work-life balance. This vision has fueled their passion, energy, and dedication to building strong client relationships. Over the years, ID Studios has distinguished itself with a diverse portfolio of projects for leading local, national, and international clients, showcasing a commitment to substance, quality, and innovation.

About Elluminet

Elluminét is a San Diego-based lighting design studio known for its certified lighting designers and award-winning projects. The company prioritizes building a positive and constructive relationship with clients as a core aspect of its culture. The designers at elluminét emphasize client collaboration and communication to meet and exceed client expectations. They also collaborate closely with the MEP studio engineers at Elen Consulting for ongoing building systems integration. Together, they work hand in hand from design through installation to ensure that all expectations are not just met but exceeded.

About Elen Consulting, Inc.

ELEN Consulting, Inc., is an award-winning mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and lighting design firm renowned for its precise engineering and client-focused approach. Their stellar reputation stems from a steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction, ensuring designs surpass expectations through rigorous quality control checks. Their engineers and designers are constantly updated with the latest industry standards to deliver precise calculations and stay ahead of deadlines, recognizing the value of their clients’ time

About Pacific Building Group

In 1984, the current chairman Greg Rogers realized and capitalized on the opportunity to expand his San Diego homegrown drywall business into a general contracting firm. His commitment to personalized service has always been intentional and diligent, serving as the cornerstone of Pacific Building Group’s success. Over the years, this approach laid the foundation for developing relationships, broadening expertise, and diversifying project types. Four decades later, still rooted in family origins, Pacific Building Group continues to grow and evolve, remaining committed to the founding belief of continual improvement through a hands-on approach.