SpaceTime Floatation Center

A luxurious spa offering services such as float therapy, infrared sauna, halotherapy, and more.


Location: Chicago, IL
Products: M Series Residential & S Series
Architect: Eric Rothfeder Architecture (ERA)
Lighting Designer: Cosine
Engineer: Mintropy
General Contractor: BIG Construction
Photography Credit: Mike Schwartz Photo

SpaceTime Flotation Center is a premier wellness center located in Lincoln Park Chicago. The lighting of the space is meant to give a calm and cozy feeling in the interior which contrasts the outside urban environment. 

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M Series Residential

The M Series Residential family is part of DMF’s most versatile, M Series product offering.¬† Centered around a compact, four-inch, plug-and-play LED module with an integrated driver the M Series delivers the optimal balance of form and function.¬† Paired with one of the award-winning M Series Housings, you can achieve fire, sound, wet location, and other ratings required for the most demanding projects.¬† The M Series, true to all DMF offerings, provides outstanding illumination and color consistency while being simple to specify, install, and maintain.

S Series

The S Series redefines what’s possible for a surface mount downlight. Packed with technical breakthroughs, the ultra-thin S Series matches the elegance of a high-end recessed downlight. Get the most out of S Series by installing it into our advanced F4NC junction box. Together, it’s even easier to specify, install, and maintain, and includes fire, sound, airtight, and insulated contact ratings.

About Eric Rothfeder Architecture (ERA)

ERA stands as an award-winning architecture studio founded by Eric Rothfeder. The firm’s ethos is rooted in the belief that design flourishes when fueled by curiosity‚ÄĒa sentiment best nurtured through shared exploration between architect and client. ERA’s approach thrives on inquiry, problem-solving, and collaborative efforts. Their portfolio reflects a synthesis of insights gleaned from the diverse perspectives of those who inhabit, design, and construct our environments.

About Cosine

The Cosine is driven by the belief that light is more than just illumination; it’s the vibrant essence that brings spaces to life. Their philosophy centers on the transformative power of quality lighting design, viewing it not as a luxury but as an essential element of every environment. With a commitment to integrating thoughtful lighting concepts into every project, The Cosine guides clients through the latest trends and technologies, ensuring that each space is imbued with the perfect blend of functionality and ambiance. From concept ideation to product delivery, they offer full-service lighting design, leveraging a meticulously curated toolbox featuring premium fixtures from renowned brands like Delta Light, FLOS, Coronet, Qtran, and Viabizzuno.

About Mintropy

Mintropy excels in minimizing entropy (chaos) within its field of practice, thereby generating true value for its clients. It is a full-service Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Energy (MEP) consulting engineering firm that specializes in developing, economically evaluating, and project-managing design solutions for building MEP systems. Its expertise extends to both design and construction, ensuring a comprehensive range of services aimed at minimizing disorder and maximizing efficiency, thus creating high-value solutions that align with its client’s needs and goals.

About BIG Construction

BIG Construction, a Chicago-based general contractor and construction management firm specializing in interior-built environments believes that strong relationships drive meaningful accomplishments and that quality work is the result of collaboration. They aspire to work with clients and partners who demand nothing but the very best and are likewise committed to a fulfilling lived experience.