March 5, 2019

The OneFrame System allows you to create diverse types of lighting using a small set of elements. By swapping out our modular components, you can radically alter your light without replacing the junction box, drastically reducing costs and labor. That means the people who inhabit your space get exactly the right light, even if their needs change.

General Downlighting

Use the DRD2 to evenly illuminate the entire room with beautiful efficient light.


Wall Wash

Use the DRD2 with a wall wash trim to evenly illuminate a wall surface.


Spot, Narrow Flood & Flood

Use the DRD2X to create more powerful and dramatic beam strengths with more focused optics.


Accent Lighting

Use the adjustable DRD4 for accent or task lighting and the flexibility for angled walls, distance aiming, and more.


One housing, multiple lighting options

Now creating layered lighting that meets the needs of your residential and commercial projects is as simple as combining the OneFrame with our exceptional modules and trims.

Learn more about the OneFrame System.


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