March 8, 2023

Check out the latest episode of The Build Show where host Matt Risinger shows us around an in-progress project that’s near and dear to him — the home of one of his project managers. He provides tips on how to install an excellent mechanical system at the best possible cost, including utilizing DMF Lighting’s H Series 4″ modular downlights as a key part of that strategy.

Matt and his team start off with the HVAC system and start discussing electrical at the 18:28 mark.



Learn more about H Series — the lighting solution for the whole home.


About The Build Show

The BUILD Show is dedicated to building science and fine craftsmanship. Matt Risinger is a Builder in Austin TX who is passionate about High Performance Construction and his goal with every home he builds is for it to be a bit better than the last home. On this channel you’ll see him talking about Building Science, Insulation, Air Sealing, HVAC, Fresh Air, Healthy Buildings, Framing, Hidden Door, New Building Products, Reviews, and Tours of well built homes under construction.

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