June 14, 2021

Engineered in-house specifically for the next generation DRD Series, our O1 Driver provides the DRD downlights with smooth, flicker-free 0-10V dimming, fully integrated into the LED module. This high-performance solution in a compact form factor simplifies design, installation, and maintenance.


Things Change

Projects change and evolve at every stage. Traditionally, the light fixture’s 0-10V driver sits on a shelf on the housing. With other manufacturers, once housings are installed, lumen package and dimming protocol are locked in. Ripping open the ceiling and completely replacing the fixture may be required to make design changes.

Our DRD modules, with either the integrated O1 0-10V or T2 triac/ELV driver, make change orders a breeze. Because the driver lives inside the module’s heat sink, and is not remotely mounted, all changes can be done from below the ceiling plane. Install either our round OneFrame or SquareFrame housing at rough-in, and determine your dimming protocol, lumen package and beam angles later.


Mis-Orders Happen

Perhaps TRIAC/ELV was ordered when a 0-10V solution was truly needed. Because the driver is fully integrated into the module, the dimming type and lumen package are not determined by the housing. Swapping between triac/ELV and 0-10V is as simple as changing a light bulb. With quick connects used in both dimming types, this solution truly is plug and play.

Once installed, any maintenance to the driver or the fixture is done from below the ceiling plane. No need to rip open the ceiling, fish for the driver, replace the complete fixture, patch or paint. If the fixture needs to be replaced, simply twist and unlock the trim, unscrew two Philips Head screws, unplug the module and make the swap.

The DRD Series covers 98% of downlight use cases in one product family with either the O1 0-10V  or T2 triac/ELV driver, fixed or adjustable module, tool-free field-changeable beam angles from 15° to 90°+ and 750, 1000 or 1250 lumen options.

No matter the project stage, the modularity of the next generation DRD Series and DMF designed integrated drivers simplifies specification, installation and maintenance.

The O1 and T2 Drivers are available in our next generation DRD2 Fixed and DRD4 Adjustable Downlights.

Learn more about the DRD Series.

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