March 10, 2022

DMF Lighting’s latest DRD Series Modules offer industry leading performance and guaranteed dimming compatibility thanks to our proprietary T2 and O1 LED Drivers. Designed and developed in-house, the Drivers provide 1% flicker free dimming, smooth fading and compatibility with either forward or reverse phase dimmers.

Fully integrated into the modules for simplified installation and maintenance, we’ve tested and finely tuned our drivers to be compatible with a broad range of dimmers from various manufacturers, including Lutron, Leviton, Eaton and Legrand. While we stand confidently behind the DRD2 and DRD4 performance under all conditions, customers often request guidance when selecting a suitable dimming system.

What to consider when selecting a dimmer

Aside from user functionality and aesthetic preferences, here are three things to consider when selecting a dimmer for a DRD Series Module in order to maximize performance.

Neutral Wire Connection

We recommend a dimmer with a direct neutral wire connection. This ensures internal power supply regulation and is especially needed for smart dimmers or very light circuits, such as only one or two fixtures connected to a dimmer.

Dimming Protocol

Reverse phase or ELV dimming are the recommended protocols for the DRD Series. Reverse phase or ELV dimming eliminate any potential audible buzzing from the dimmer or fixture.

An adaptive dimmer capable of reverse or forward phase dimming can be utilized to maximize flexibility. The default setting for adaptive dimmers is reverse phase to ensure best operation for LED lamps.

Minimum Level Trimming

The minimum setting for a dimmer can output a different voltage. The DRD Series Modules dim to 1% brightness when the dimmers output is 17V. Most dimmers will dim down to this level. For dimmers that do not dim down to this level, the light output of a fully dimmed fixture may not meet expectations.

Some dimmers can output significantly below this level. For these, the modules may dim less than 1% brightness, but may result in inconsistency between the fixtures. For example, some fixture may turn off while others remain dimly lit. To correct this, many dimmers offer some form of trimming to adjust the minimum level up or down. This can establish consistency between fixtures and is recommend for all dimmers. Please refer to the dimmers specification or installation sheet for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you recommend the best dimmer to use with my DRD2 or DRD4 Modules?

Performance is guaranteed for a wide variety of dimmer manufacturers. However, our testing shows that the Lutron PRO series of dimmers provide exceptional dimming performance and flexibility. Models within the PRO series include the Maestro MA-PRO, RadioRA3 RRST-PRO and Caseta PD-10NXD.


I am using a Caseta PD-6WCL dimmer. It does not have a neutral wire connection and is rated for Incandescent/CFL/LED. Will this dimmer work well with the DRD2 or DRD4 Modules?

Yes. The Caseta dimmer provides excellent dimming performance when used with the DRD Series Modules. Refer to the Caseta instruction manual for details on trimming the minimum level if required.


Can I use my DRD2 and DRD4 Modules with a centralized dimming panel?

Yes. The DRD Series Modules have excellent performance when using a dimming panel from various vendors including Lutron, Crestron, Savant and Control4.


How many DRD2 or DRD4  Modules can I connect to my dimmer?

Dimmers rated specifically for LEDs will have a max load rating which can be used without any further derating to calculate the maximum number of fixtures.

If the dimmer does not have a published LED rating, the circuit should be limited to 50% of its normal rating, so a 600W dimmer should be limited to 300W LED load or 24 DRD2 modules rated at 12.5W each.


Can I connect a single DRD2 or DRD4  Module to my dimmer?

A single DRD2 or DRD4 Module will provide sufficient load for the dimmer to operate. When possible, a dimmer with a neutral wire connection should be used in this application to avoid any potential dimmer issues.


Still Have a Question?

If you’re still having dimmer compatibility issues, our highly-trained and experienced Customer Solutions is here to help. Simply complete our Contact form and a member will reply back via phone or email.

Located in our Los Angeles Headquarters, the Customer Solutions Team has direct access to our in-house engineers, guaranteeing you expert level trouble shooting.


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