February 4, 2020

Traditional commercial housings use a big, heavy black box to control light leaks. Measuring as much as 19″ long and 7″ tall, the bulky housings severely limit spacing options for lighting layouts and designs. Heavy boxes are also more costly to ship and more cumbersome during installation.

DMF Lighting revolutionized the commercial industry by decreasing the size and weight of the housing, allowing for more lighting layout options while also making it easier to install.

Smaller is better

Instead of a large box over the entire housing, the Adjustable DCD4 features a module mounted light shield to eliminate light leak. Far smaller and far lighter, the cold-fused shield takes up a fraction of the volume of a traditional can. The smaller size makes it more manageable to handle during installation. The lighter weight means reduced risk of sag.

The smaller size makes installation easier and helps prevent fixture movement below the ceiling.

Sturdy as ever

The DCD Series Housing is not only small, but strong as well. A stable housing makes sure adjustable module movements stay perfect. Specially-engineered, galvanized-steel bar hangers ensure the complete luminaire acts as a perfect single unit.

With a smaller housing that doesn’t sacrifice performance, the DCD Housings install quickly and ensure the aim stays steady.

Learn more about the DCD Series

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