October 5, 2022

The all-new M Series Housings and Trims bring a host of new features, options, and improvements to our already stellar DRD Series. Available in Round or Square, New Construction or Remodel, the housings install easier and more precisely, while refreshed trims pair the downlight with an even wider range of design aesthetics.

Rated E for Everything

M Series housings are designed to install nearly anywhere. Replacing our award-winning OneFrame and SquareFrame platforms, the 4″ housings feature even more ratings and installation options to comply with almost any building code.

Remodel Installation

The M Series Remodel Housing brings all the features of the OneFrame and SquareFrame housings to closed ceiling installations. Available in Round or Square, the housing installs simply — cut hole existing ceilings, insert housing and pop out spring clips.

No Space, No Problem

The compact M Series Housings adjusts for optimal fixture placement in crowded plenum space to accommodate ductwork, framing and plumbing. When even less space is available, the all-new Low Profile Housing requires less than 3″ of ceiling space.

Double Header

Transform the DRD Series into a recessed multiple with the new M Series Double Housing. Increase light output or direct light in multiple directions, all without visible hardware.

New Flangeless Trims

The M Series Flangeless Trims pair with our new Mud Plate, which are lighter, thinner, and easier to mud-in for the cleanest look possible.

In addition, the Flangeless Trims are redesigned for compatibility with wood and millwork surfaces. The new tension clips allow simple installation directly into cutouts created by standard routers or hole saws.

Wall Wash

Completely re-designed, the all-new Wall Wash Trims now offer the same aesthetic as a Beveled Round Trim for a more cohesive fixture-to-fixture design. The trim also reduces light loss to produce brighter, more efficient angled lighting.

More Finishes

In addition to White and Black, which return as the two most popular finishes, we’ve added Bronze, Clear Diffuse and Warm Diffuse options to provide a splash of color to the traditional finish. As always, Custom Color is available for all trims to match any vision.

With a range of new M Series options and increased light output up to 1500 lumens (some restrictions apply see spec sheet for details), the upgraded DRD Series continues to hit every lighting spec you may come across. This versatile solution with integrated TRIAC/ELV and 0-10V drivers keeps up with the fast-paced and ever-changing nature of projects.

Learn more about the DRD Series.


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