August 10, 2018

DMF’s engineering-driven approach to downlighting is all about pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. The Apex Series delivers on that promise by combining the highest level of performance we offer. Designed for the most demanding applications, the Apex Series is second to none.

Maximum compatibility

Unlike many so-called architectural downlights, every single component of our Apex Series is crafted to work perfectly together. They’re designed to integrate flawlessly with the entire OneFrame System and Cylinder family of products. This holistic approach means that in addition to rich, layered lighting effects, customers benefit from improved run temperature, longevity and overall efficiency.

“every single component of our Apex Series downlights is crafted to work perfectly together”


Innovation Spotlight: Optics

Utilizing specialized optics, our Apex modules offer enhanced beam control and glare reduction in spot, narrow flood or flood beam angles. These enhanced lighting options open up the opportunity for a host of new applications like higher ceilings and smaller apertures.

NEW Apex Series Products

We kicked off the Apex Series with the launch of two brilliant new lights earlier this year:

DRD2X Downlight

With a robust 90+ CRI-rated LED, the Apex Series DRD2X delivers dramatic illumination at up to 750 lumens and 4000 candelas. Now it’s simple to artfully highlight objects such as statues and planters to add richness and visual interest to your lighting designs.

Learn more about the DRD2X


DCCX Cylinder

The precise, fully customizable DCCX Cylinder delivers up to 4,000 candelas of center beam punch. With the Apex cylinder, you can create beautiful columns of high-contrast lighting with the confidence that your designs won’t be overshadowed by glare.

Learn more about the DCCX


Pushing the Limits of Light

The Apex Series represents the culmination of DMF’s decades long journey as innovators in light. Our company’s products and culture both take shape in our in-house R&D lab. It’s filled with brilliant engineers always at work improving our products and inventing new ones. Their goal is to deliver exceptional performance and long-term value with an uncompromising dedication to quality.