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Apex Series LED Cylinder

The Apex Series pushes the limits of what’s possible in light, and the newest addition to the line is no different. Meet the dynamic and precise DCCX Cylinder. Powered by the high-performance DRD2X, this cylinder delivers up to 4,000 candelas of vivid illumination. The DCCX also empowers you to choose the appropriate beam angle for your project, lessening glare and lighting your space exactly as intended.

Powerful precision

At the heart of the DCCX is the DRD2X LED
module. Its reflective optics produce high-end,
architectural-grade illumination without sacrificing
DMF’s signature versatility and simplicity.

Take your lighting to
new heights

Perfect for unfinished and high ceilings, the
enhanced DCCX utilizes specially designed optics
to deliver up to 4,000 candelas of focused light.

More beam options

Select from a variety of beam angles that
can fill or punctuate a space efficiently and
brilliantly without introducing glare.

A perfect match for your project

With a diverse range of form factors, colors and customizable
options, the DCCX adapts easily to all kinds of applications,
whether indoor or outdoor, residential or commercial.

Three form factors means
even more possibilities

Engineered beyond

Every part of the DCCX has been designed to
work together flawlessly. From fixture-to-fixture
color consistency to simplified installation and
maintenance, we hold our products to a
higher standard.

Also Available: DCC2

DCC2's combination of precision illumination and elegant aesthetics can take your designs to new heights.

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Also Available: DCC4

The DCC4 expands the capabilities of our LED Cylinder family with precise, 360º adjustability.

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Product Details


Apex Series LED Cylinder
New Construction, Remodel, Retrofit
Stem Mount, Cord Mount, Wall Mount, and Surface Mount
  • DCCX LED Cylinder, White
  • DCCX LED Cylinder, Black
  • DCCX LED Cylinder, Brushed Aluminum
  • DCCX LED Cylinder, Bronze
  • DCCX - exploded view

DCCX – Retired

Apex Series LED Cylinder
New Construction, Remodel, Retrofit
Stem Mount, Cord Mount, Wall Mount, and Surface Mount
Features Include:
  • Architectural focused, contrast light in a cylinder form
  • Precise, controlled optics put light where you want it with 20º, 30º or 40º beam angles
  • High-end, architectural-grade illumination produces up to 4000 candelas of focused light
  • Stem, Cord, Wall, and Surface Mount options along with four standard finish options
  • Minimal design with no visible hardware, low profile backplate and easy to install magnetic coverplate

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