SquareFrame Trims

The best way to see what makes SquareFrame trims unique is simply by holding them in your hands. Then you can appreciate the meticulous effort that we put into them, from the quality and heft of the materials to their sophisticated, timeless design. These trims are built to a higher standard.

Trims that aren’t an

Like every part of the SquareFrame, the
trim is designed to deliver beautiful looks
and simplify installation.

Trim lip helps ensure a
perfect seal with the ceiling

Built-in play lets you precisely
set final trim angle

Flangeless options

Our flangeless trims takes recessed
lighting to the next level with a seamless
design where only the reflector and module
lens are visible.

One shape, multiple options

With over a dozen of different styles, including wall wash, pinhole, and flangeless options, choose the square shaped trim that best fits your lighting and design needs.


Modern profile that truly accentuates the square aesthetic


Helps focus light distribution for a narrow, spotlight effect to highlight objects

Beveled Pinhole

Clean, contemporary design with a subtle beveled edge

Round on Square

Unobstructed illumination from a square profile

Wall Wash

Produces broad, angled lighting while never crossing the ceiling plane


Integrated test switch on the trim recess maintains a seamless ceiling design

Decorative: Frosted Outside

Pleasant, ambient illumination from a frosted acrylic decorative trim

Decorative: Clear Outside, Frosted Inside

Clear outside, frosted inside decorative piece refracts light for a unique lighting effect

Flangeless: Square

Minimal, flangeless design in a square profile

Flangeless: Pinhole

Eliminates visible trim while producing a controlled beam to highlight areas

Flangeless: Beveled Pinhole

Beveled design that disappears into the ceiling

Flangeless: Round on Square

Round aperture on a square profile with no flange

Flangeless: Wall Wash

Flangeless, streamlined look that produces angled lighting

Flangeless Mud Plate

Low-profile mud flange installs simply and seamlessly

All the benefits of the
OneFrame. Squared.

The SquareFrame is the perfect foundation
for a fully interchangeable system of modules
and trims.

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Product Details

SquareFrame Trims

LED Trims
New Construction, Remodel, Retrofit
  • SquareFrame Trim: Square
  • SquareFrame Trim: Pinhole
  • SquareFrame Trim: Beveled Pinhole
  • SquareFrame Trim: Round on Square
  • SquareFrame Trim: Wall Wash
  • SquareFrame Trim: Emergency
  • SquareFrame Trim: Decorative: Frosted Outside
  • SquareFrame Trim: Decorative: Clear Outside, Frosted Inside
  • SquareFrame Trim: Flangeless, Square
  • SquareFrame Trim: Flangeless, Pinhole
  • SquareFrame Trim: Flangeless, Beveled Pinhole
  • SquareFrame Trim: Flangeless, Round on Square
  • SquareFrame Trim: Flangeless, Wall Wash

SquareFrame Trims – Retired

LED Trims
New Construction, Remodel, Retrofit
Features Include:
  • Quality construction: die-cast aluminum with rigid tension clips
  • Twist & Lock feature allows for easy, tool-free installation (flanged only)
  • Innovative trim design ensures a perfect seal with the ceiling, eliminating light leak
  • Available in a variety of styles
  • White, black, silver and custom colors available

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