July 20, 2022

With a host of moisture protection options, including a gasket and protective lens, the DCC Cylinder System has always featured a UL Listed Wet Location option. These protections allow the Cylinder to install in high moisture areas such as restrooms or covered patios. Now, even more safe guards make it compatible with even wetter areas, including outdoors.


Enhanced Water Protection, Same Design

When our engineers set out to improve the DCC’s moisture rating, it was imperative that any modifications not compromise they Cylinder’s sleek, modern design. The new rubber gasket and water-tight wall connector remain completely hidden, while the added cap only shows as a subtle lip near the top of the Surface Mount Cylinder.

These enhancements underwent rigorous water testing, even going beyond what third-party accreditation organizations conduct. We let water pool on the surface of the Cylinder and even submerged them underwater. All this to ensure they continue to meet DMF’s highest standards.



In addition to UL Listed for Wet Locations, all of our Wet Rated Cylinders are now IP65 rated as well. Administered by the IEC, an IP65 rating equates to the highest protection against solid foreign objects and low pressure water jets from all angles.

As always, Wet Rated is available for the Surface, Stem and Wall Mount Cylinders. The new IP65 rating is being added to our existing UL Wet Rated Cylinders. No changes to ordering or pricing — you’ll now simply receive the new and improved Wet Rated Cylinders.

Learn more about these and other options for the DCC Cylinder System.


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