November 5, 2020

With a bezel-less design, ultra-thin form factor and durable finish, the S Series is striking yet affordable for even the most budget conscious builder. It matches the aesthetic of a high-end recessed downlight while retaining the economy of a surface mount.

But make no mistake, the S Series is not all about looks. It produces class-leading exceptional lighting as well. Here are the top five reasons why the S Series outperforms other surface mount LEDs.


1) Uniform Illumination

Featuring a precisely optimized array of over 100 LEDs, the backlit S Series delivers smooth, uniform illumination with no visible fasteners. The LEDs are expertly engineered to evenly illuminate the specialized lens edge-to-edge, leaving no hint of hot or dark spots to distract the eye.


2) Reduced Glare

Since the light source is completely visible for all surface mounts, they are susceptible to producing a large amount of glare that detracts from the rest of the room. The S Series combats this with a specialized lens that transmits clear, consistent light with a subtle diffusion to minimize glare even at full light output.


3) Accurate Color Representation

With a 90+ CRI rating, the S Series matches the color rendering capabilities of most premium recessed downlights. This ensures a more accurate color representation so objects don’t appear to be a different shade during day and night.


4) Smooth Dimming

Compatible with either TRIAC/ELV or 0-10V dimming controls, the S Series is powered by DMF’s proprietary driver. It provides flicker-free, smooth dimming down to 1% light output.


5) Disappears Into the Ceiling

The primary function of any surface mount is to mimic more expensive recessed fixtures, blending into its surface to create a “quiet ceiling”. While others are close, the S Series excels at this through its combination of glare mitigation, uniform illumination, bezel-less design and slimmest in class design. It’s truly in a class of its own with a disappearing act that leaves the competition behind.



DMF designs products that perform beautifully and are intuitively simple. The S Series epitomizes this, offering incredible lighting capabilities at an unbeatable price point. That’s because we understand that light is more than illumination; light is what makes a space beautiful, useful, and, ultimately, enjoyable.

Learn more about the S Series Surface Mount LED.


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