Surfacing This Fall

Take a sneak preview of the ultra thin, ultra capable DRD5S Surface Mount LED Downlight

This fall, DMF Lighting redefines what’s possible for a surface mount downlight with the all-new DRD5S. It delivers the pure, smooth light and elegant look of a high-end recessed downlight, but it’s compact enough to fit in limited plenum space. Through a combination of technological advances and smart design, the DRD5S achieves the perfect balance of aesthetics, performance and value.

Key Features

•  Edgeless design disappears into ceiling
•  Thinnest in its class, extends just 0.6″ from the ceiling plane
•  Clear uniform light, no dark spots
•  Snaps into place for easy install and maintenance
•  Custom driver with smooth dimming capability down to 5%

The DRD5S will be launching this fall. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for the latest information on the DRD5S release and everything DMF.