What Will Your Job Look Like in 2034?

DMF’s Nate Hagemeier featured in The Electrical Distribution Handbook, Volume XIII

An annual tradition for the past 13 years, the Electrical Distribution Handbook has featured articles and advice from professionals across the electrical industry. “Growth in the industry, both personally as well as professionally, happens when people turn to their peers for guidance—and that is the idea behind our Electrical Distribution Handbook series,” wrote the magazine’s editor.


When the Electrical Distributor (tED) magazine reached out to DMF Lighting for insights to help guide growth in the industry, Vice President of Sales, Nate Hagemeier, tackled the question: “What Will Your Job Look Like in 2034?”


Electrical Distributor (tED) magazine: “From AI to generational changes, data gathering, increased e-commerce, and more, the industry is changing. How do you envision the part you play in electrical distribution to be different in 2034?”


Nate Hagemeier: “Operational efficiency will reach an all-time high in previously human-centric and time-consuming tasks (quoting, forecasting, materials planning, transacting orders, reconciling AP/AR, managing inventory, etc.). All industry parties (owners, designers, manufacturers, contractors, and distributors) will participate in and be impacted by this paradigm shift. As efficiency and adaptive technology become the norm, greater importance will be placed on building effective and trusting professional relationships. The human element will be the most valuable and impactful.”

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