June 15, 2022

The DCC centers around a modular LED lighting system, providing nearly endless lighting options. While the revolutionary uplight feature unlocks a truly unique lighting aspect, our trim and shade options allow you to reimagine both the design and functionality of the cylinder, further diversifying its capabilities.


All DCC trims and shades utlize DMF’s trademark Twist & Lock system, allowing for easy modifications on-site. This provides the freedom to change between any one of the accessories before, during or after installation.



With a simple, contemporary design that complements any aesthetic, the beveled trim provides a classic finish to the DCC Cylinder.



Features a uniquely curved reflector for an edgeless trim that helps produce completely smooth, uniform lighting that drops off of the surface.



Channels light source and decreases visual cutoff angle to increase focus and mitigate glare.



Available in standard or low profile, the decorative trim features finely crafted acrylic that subtly fills the space with beautiful ambient light.



With round and flat options, completely transform the cylinder with two-toned shades that create a comfortable general light with no hot spot.


Learn more about the DCC Cylinder.


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