October 6, 2021

Efficiency is at the Core

DMF’s patented Folded TIR Optics are a brilliant lens solution developed by our in-house engineering team designed to increase light efficiency while also reducing glare.

TIR Explained

TIR stands for Total Internal Reflection. Put simply, when an LED light is placed on a TIR lens, the light photons are then captured and directed towards the desired location. Currently, a TIR lens is the most efficient method of reflecting light. However, due to the intrinsic design of the technology, a TIR lens has previously needed to be a deep optic, taking up valuable plenum space.

Folded TIR Optics 

DMF has revolutionized this design by introducing a new folded TIR optic lens that when coupled with a specialized anti-glare structure at the center, lighting efficiency is increased while simultaneously reducing glare and still maintaining an even light distribution.

While conventional TIR optics only feature a single internal reflection, our patented solution has been geometrically optimized to yield a concentrated and focused light beam. While that sounds complicated, the simple fact is that this allows the height of the optic to be minimized to save space in the module and most importantly of all, precious plenum space.

Exclusively Through DMF

DMF’s Folded TIR Optic technology is featured exclusively in the next generation DRD2, DCD3, and DCD4 modules. Thanks in part to technological advances like this, these high-performance solutions simplify design, installation, and maintenance.


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