November 27, 2018

The OneFrame System’s capabilities continue to grow as our engineers expand your options with new light modules and trim designs. And because they all fit in the OneFrame housing, not only can you ensure your perfect design today, but you can also alter your design anytime in the future by updating any light or trim element.

One housing, multiple downlight options

Choose the combination of trim shapes, styles and finishes that match your environment. Whatever your project, OneFrame can adapt to integrate seamlessly or accent the broader design.

Light distribution

Fully interchangeable light modules make the OneFrame System a complete and flexible downlighting solution. Each light module provides different capabilities for general, accent, and aimable lighting needs. The OneFrame Trims further customize your options. Some trims tighten or angle light, while others can highlight or blend design and decor intent. Decorative trims offer pleasant, ambient lighting. Create the lighting choice that perfectly pairs with your design vision.

Some possible combinations:


“We design each component in-house to work better together”


Whichever trim and module combination you choose, you can be sure they are built to the highest standards. All DMF modules use premium components, including integrated drivers and 90+ CRI, 2-step SDCM LEDs. In addition, our die-cast aluminum trims are built to last and in combination with stainless steel clips, ensure a seamless fit to the ceiling with no light leak. The trim’s Twist & Lock module integration simplifies both installation and future maintenance.

Learn more about the OneFrame System and our wide assortment of OneFrame Trims.

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