Value and versatility

Trims that can integrate seamlessly

Forged from die cast aluminum, our trims are completely customizable by color, finish, shape and function. They can blend in, or stand out, depending on your vision. And just like the rest of the DMF system, they’re exceptionally easy to install or change.

OneFrame Trims Twist & Lock

It’s all in the twist

The Twist & Lock feature allows for easy, tool-free installation
and seamless integration of multiple trim options.

Light that won’t leak

All DMF trims are constructed using die-cast aluminum
and utilize rigid tension clips to ensure a tight ceiling fit.
This creates a seamless contact point between the trim
and ceiling and completely prevents light leakage.

A Perfect Match for your Project

We offer highly customizable options for trim finish and shape. Whether you need a fixture that blends in seamlessly, or you want to provide a striking contrast, DMF has the trim for you.


Featuring a classic, elegant design that complements any design, the Round Trim pairs perfectly with any project.


Square on square design expertly die casted with sharp edges and precise corners for a modern aesthetic.


Featuring a unique reflector that provides completely smooth, uniform light, the Hyperbolic Trim blends seamlessly into ceilings.


The Pinhole Trim accentuates light distribution for a narrow, spotlight effect. Choose between straight or beveled edges.

Wall Wash

Perfect for accent lighting on walls or artwork, the Wall Wash Trim distributes wide angle lighting on vertical and horizontal surfaces. All while maintaining a sleek, unobtrusive design that won’t cross the ceiling plane.


The Decorative Trim is designer piece that fills your space with a beautiful ambiance. The finely crafted acrylic subtly radiates light and is available with an open or closed bottom and in frosted or clear finish.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency light testing and trim all in one. The Emergency Lighting Trim looks nearly identical to a standard trim with its unobtrusive test switch hidden on the trim recess.


For an ultra-minimal aesthetic with lights that practically disappear into ceilings, Flangeless Trims offer low profile mud flanges that install simply and seamlessly.

Custom Colors

Make your project completely your own with fully customizable color options for all trims.

Custom Trim Colors

Works with the OneFrame System

The OneFrame® is the first of its kind – a revolutionary housing with a unique low profile and small aperture design that provides high quality, cost effective LED lighting in practically any space.

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Product Details

OneFrame – Trims

Recessed LED Downlight Trims
New Construction, Remodel, Retrofit
  • OneFrame Round Trim
  • OneFrame Square Trim
  • OneFrame Pinhole Trim
  • OneFrame Hyperbolic Trim
  • OneFrame Wall Wash Trim
  • OneFrame Round Flangeless Trim
  • OneFrame Wall Wash Flangeless Trim
  • OneFrame Decorative Trim - Closed, Clear
  • OneFrame Decorative Trim - Closed, Clear Outside, Frosted Inside
  • OneFrame Decorative Trim - Closed, Frosted
  • OneFrame Decorative Trim - Open, Frosted
  • OneFrame Round Trim with Test Switch

OneFrame – Trims

Recessed LED Downlight Trims
New Construction, Remodel, Retrofit
Features Include:
  • Quality construction: die-cast aluminum with rigid tension clips
  • Twist & Lock feature allows for easy, tool-free installation
  • Available in a variety of shapes and styles, including round, square, wall wash, decorative and flangeless
  • Fully custom colors available

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