Surface meets

Minimalist masterpiece

The DRD5S redefines what’s possible for a surface mount downlight. Packed with technical breakthroughs, the ultra-thin DRD5S matches the elegance of a high-end recessed downlight. In addition, it’s more versatile because it can fit more applications, even those with limited plenum space.

See the light, not the fixture

The first time you turn on a DRD5S, you won’t believe
it’s not a recessed downlight. Here’s why:

Designed to disappear

Extends just 0.6 inches below the
ceiling plane to minimize visual profile.

Barely-there bezel

Elegant, minimal design blends
seamlessly into the ceiling.

Compact and capable

Proprietary driver simplifies maintenance
and dims down to 1%.

Premier quality light engine

90+ CRI LED comes standard, and produces
up to 1000 lumens of exceptional light.

More shapes, more light

Expand beyond the downlight and into the area with
these additional sizes. Perfect for kitchens, corridors,
and anywhere that fewer power connections and
higher light output is desired.
View 8" Round
View 18" Linear

Looks great, works great

The DRD5S’s refined appearance and remarkably
thin form factor make it ideal for a huge range of
applications from hotel hallways to home bathrooms
to outdoor spaces.

Engineered to save you
time and money

The DRD5S was engineered from the bottom up
to cut costs without cutting corners. That’s how we
can deliver a recessed downlight feel with the convenience
and cost of an all-in-one. From it’s highly efficient light
engine to its amazingly simple installation process,
the DRD5 is an excellent value at installation and for
the entire life of the product.

Dmf Lighting DRD5S

Compatibility by design

Utilizing a compact, integrated driver allows DRD5S
to install into most metallic octagonal and non-metallic
round junction boxes. This opens up greater installation
options so that DRD5S can be retrofit into nearly any
existing application.

Make light work
of installation

The DRD5S installs quickly, easily and flush
with the ceiling every time.

STEP 1: Install SurfaceFrame or compatible
junction box
STEP 2: Attach the mounting bracket with just
two screws and connect the module to power
STEP 3: Snap the DRD5S into place (a push
from just one finger will get the job done)

Better together: DRD5S
and SurfaceFrame

Get the most out of the DRD5S with our advanced Octagonal Junction Box. The SurfaceFrame is based on the award-winning OneFrame, so it’s just as easy to specify, install and maintain. Like the OneFrame, it includes fire, sound, air tight and insulated contact ratings as well as many other innovative features such as tool free height adjustments.

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When the power’s out,
these lights stay on

The DRD5S EM maintains the same minimal
aesthetic and slim form factor as the standard
DRD5S with the addition of an integrated test
switch. This eliminates unsightly wall plates and
maintains a seamless design that conceals the
battery above the ceiling.

Product Details


Surface Mount LED Downlight
New Construction, Retrofit
  • DRD5S Round
  • DRD5S Round rear view of integrated driver
  • DRD5S Square
  • DRD5S Square rear view
  • DRD5S EM - Emergency Options
  • DRD5S Family
  • DRD5S with SurfaceFrame
  • DRD5S Installed into SurfaceFrame


Surface Mount LED Downlight
New Construction, Retrofit
Features Include:
  • Extends just 0.6 inches below the ceiling plane to minimize visual profile
  • Elegant design available in 4" Round or Square, 8" Round, and 18" Linear
  • Edgeless for a minimal aesthetic that blends seamlessly into the ceiling
  • 90+ CRI LED comes standard, and produces up to 1000 lumens of exceptional light
  • Specialized lens transmits clear, beautiful light with a subtle diffusion
  • Integrated driver simplifies maintenance and provides TRIAC/ELV or 0-10V dimming down to 1%
  • Optional emergency lighting with integrated test switch available

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