July 10, 2019

The DRD5S Surface Mount LED Series is defined by its minimal, modern design. Even with four different shapes and sizes, the downlight is instantly recognizable by its slim, nearly frame-less profile.

Thin is in

Manufacturing and design are inseparable. The DRD5S utilizes precision machined die-cast aluminum for a thin, lightweight, yet sturdy molding. We experimented with different lens materials and thicknesses to get it as close to the LED board as possible. A single millimeter closer and the LEDs would become visible. This meticulous attention to detail is what created the thinnest surface mount LED in its class at just over half an inch in depth.


“What people expect from their light is always changing. At DMF we do the research, we stay on top of technology, and we understand what people want. Then we deliver on all those goals.”

–  Vince, Mechanical Engineer 


Edge to edge

Traditionally, surface mount LEDs feature robust trims to dissipate heat from the edge-lit LED optics. But we looked to redefine what a surface mount downlight looks like. By utilizing an LED board and innovative heatsink, we’ve nearly eliminated the flange all together. The unibody construction and snap-in lens eliminates any visible hardware or seams for a sleek, unified appearance. The lens practically blends into the body so the DRD5S can disappear into the ceiling.

See the light, not the fixture

The die-cast aluminum body and thin flange make the DRD5S beautiful to behold, but the surface mount is even more striking when it’s illuminated. The LED array produces a wide flood beam angle that gives the appearance of traditional recessed lighting. When lit, the DRD5S becomes nearly indistinguishable from a high-end recessed downlight.


The DRD5S Series is an engineering design achievement. The result of innovation, drive, and ingenuity. It’s another example of how DMF continues to push the boundaries of lighting design.


Learn more about the DRD5S Series.


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