June 20, 2019

PRODUCTS is a news site and quarterly magazine that brings the latest in building product and material news to residential builders, architects, and remodelers.

Recently, the site featured a two-part series on the industry labor shortage. The second part of the series features 19 products, including the DRD5S, that can reduce installation times. Below is an excerpt from the article:


By Amanda Hermans

The U.S. construction industry is undeniably experiencing an acute shortage of skilled labor, but manufacturers are developing products to help professionals maximize the time and workers they have.

Home Innovations Research Labs recently outlined ways in which building product manufacturers can help ease the labor stress on residential construction professionals through smart product design. The suggestions include reducing the skill needed to install products, combining complementary products into a single unit, and creating products that can be installed by less people.

From factory-produced prefab building components to tools that work faster for longer, there are already solutions in a number of product categories that can help builders and contractors cut down on the hours needed to complete a project. Many product manufacturers are looking for ways to make processes more efficient, by packaging products in ready-to-install kits or rethinking product design specifically for retrofits.

One thing is certain, manufacturers will have to find ways to solve the labor shortage on their own. Whether by proactive choice or as a survival necessity, residential construction professionals across the country will have to adapt to do more with less. Incorporating a few of the efficient products below (or the countless time-saving solutions that are not listed) just might be the place to start.

18. DRD5S

The DRD5S is a new take on recessed lighting, installing with just two inches of plenum space when paired with the company’s SurfaceFrame junction box. It is also compatible with most metallic octagonal and non-metallic round junction boxes. The light requires a mounting bracket and two screws, and then easily snaps into place, the company says. The 90+ CRI LED comes in round or square units and extends just 0.6 inches beyond the ceiling.

Learn more about the DRD5S.

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