February 15, 2019

With its integrated driver and invisible hardware, the DCC LED Cylinder Series has always balanced design with ease of use and maintenance. Plus, its diverse range of form factors and customizable options make it adaptable to a variety of aesthetics and applications. Now, with the addition of more light output options, the DCC Series can fulfill an even broader set of lighting needs.


DCC2  General LED Cylinder

The original DCC2 continues to provide exceptional general lighting. Use the DCC2 to evenly illuminate high-ceiling spaces with beautiful, efficient light. With up to 93+ CRI and a 2-step SDCM LED, it produces vivid true-color representation and critical fixture-to-fixture color consistency. Also, its four output options represent the most lumen choices in the series.


DCCX  Apex Series LED Cylinder

The Apex Series pushes the limits of what’s possible in light, and the DCCX is no different. It utilizes enhanced optics for a precise, targeted beam of low glare illumination. Delivering up to 750 lumens and 4000 candelas, you can use the DCCX over counters, islands, and dining tables for more powerful and dramatic lighting applications. In addition, 20º, 30º, and 40º beam angles give you different options so you can put light exactly where you want it.


DCC4  Adjustable LED Cylinder

The DCC4 expands the capabilities of our LED Cylinder family with precise, 360º adjustability. Powered by the DRD4 module, it provides complete directional aiming and a class-leading tilt of 45º. The adjustable LED cylinder is ideal for high ceiling applications where adjustable recessed downlights can’t reach.

Whatever your lighting needs may be, you can now combine general, accent, and adjustable cylinder lighting throughout the space while maintaining the same appearance.

Learn more about the DCC2, DCCX, or DCC4


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