August 11, 2021

At DMF, we pride ourselves on engineering and improving every aspect of the fixture. From lighting performance to ease of maintenance and everything in between, this philosophy permeates every aspect of our design.

Our latest innovation is a completely re-designed bar hanger system. An often neglected aspect of lighting fixtures, bar hangers have remained largely unchained — but we spoke with the top electrical engineers in the country to discuss common issues they experience when installing housings. We took this information and re-thought every aspect of the bar hangers.

The result, an all-new bar hanger system that’s sturdier, simpler to install and more compatible than ever.

Eliminate Sag

The first thing you’ll notice about the new bar hangers is that it eliminates the traditional four independent connecting ends. Instead, we engineered a cross brace that connects the ends of the two bars, essentially turning them into one rigid unit. The bar hanger system is so strong it can even provide structural stability with just one side mounted in with a single screw.

Stability is increased further by a completely re-designed railing, which utilizes an innovative S-shaped interlocking system that increases the surface area of where the sliding rails meet. This increased strength results in bar hangers that lock tighter and won’t shift, preventing against trim sag even when fully extended to 24″.

The new bar hanger system can withstand weights of 200 pounds

And combining the new bar hangers with our signature adjustable housing depth and secure Twist and Lock Technology, flush trim installations become easier and light has nowhere to escape.

Work smarter

The new bar hanger system features a host of unique updates that make installation faster and easier. Here is everything, big and small, that makes them easier to mount.

  • Reinforced bar hangers can hold the entire housing in place after just one mounting point so the contractor no longer has to hold the housing while mounting four separate ends
  • Fewer mounting points — the entire bar hanger system can install with as few as two screws or nails

  • Pre-installed screws replace the previously included nails for quicker installs

  • Angled Locking Screw allows for easy tightening from below the housing

Installs Anywhere

Not only are the bar hangers more stable and easier to install, they’re also compatible with more applications. The cross brace features a re-designed ledge and nine different mounting points for installation in any of the following:

  • Hat channel
  • T-bar
  • C-channel
  • Laminated Wood
  • Quick-Span
  • I-Beam
  • Standard Joist
  • Concrete Pour Application


Always Evolving

Re-thinking every detail of  the bar hangers may sound excessive. And some of the updates may sound minor, but it’s this attention to detail that drives DMF Lighting to continue to innovate — even in areas you may never have considered.

The new bar hangers are available now for the DRD Series with all non-classic DMF housings, including the OneFrame and SquareFrame.

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