All the benefits of the
OneFrame, squared

Precision installation, now made faster + simpler

DMF’s engineers understand how challenging it can be to install a square downlight perfectly straight and perfectly aligned. That’s why they’ve incorporated a suite of features that work together seamlessly to give you a flawless fit more quickly and with less hassle.

Innovative bar hangers make
horizontal adjustment easy

Full rotation and
side-to-side translation

Tool-free height adjustment

Built-in play in our trims
lets you precisely set
final trim angle

Drastically smaller than
the competition

Compact size greatly simplifies installation
and fit compared to 12" x 16" housings

One housing, multiple lighting options

One SquareFrame can illuminate a whole project
with your choice of light and aesthetics options.

View DRD2 Fixed Downlight

View DRD4 Adjustable Downlight

SquareFrame Trims

Like every part of the SquareFrame, the trim is designed to deliver beautiful looks and simplify installation.

View SquareFrame Trims

Product Details

SquareFrame – DRDHNJS

LED Housing
New Construction
Square Junction Box
  • SquareFrame Housing, three-quarter view
  • SquareFrame Housing, bottom view
  • SquareFrame Housing, top view
  • SquareFrame Housing, side view
  • SquareFrame, DRD2, Square Trim, White
  • SquareFrame, DRD2 General LED, Square Trim, White
  • SquareFrame, DRD2X Apex Series LED, Pinhole Trim, White
  • SquareFrame, DRD4 Adjustable LED, Round on Square Trim, White
  • In-Ceiling view, Square Trim, White

SquareFrame – DRDHNJS – Retired

LED Housing
New Construction
Square Junction Box
Features Include:
  • Height, rotation, and translation adjustments provide a flawless fit more quickly and with less hassle
  • Drastically smaller so it can fit into the most physically restrictive environments
  • All the ratings needed for a wide variety of projects, including fire, sound, and IC

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