An engineering driven company, DMF stands out for our forward thinking industrial design and engineering. We design and manufacture residential and commercial downlighting that provides excellent light quality and is intuitively simple.

  • Designed for Simplicity

    Designed for Simplicity

    When developing new products, DMF is dedicated to designing stylish products that are simple to work with. Our luminaires are designed to be modular, flexible, and install with minimal tool usage.

  • DCC2 Product Family LED Cylinder

    Engineered for the Future

    DMF Lighting designs sustainable lighting solutions that leverage available technology to achieve performance and efficiency results beyond government regulated energy standards today and for years to come. Our cutting edge design tools like 3D printing and onsite lighting verification laboratory ensure design performance during early prototyping.

  • Verified for Assurance

    Verified for Assurance

    All DMF products go through a rigorous, multi-tiered testing process to ensure they meet our strong performance standards. We operate an advanced design lab in our California headquarters to ensure every luminaire from concept to final product delivers light as intended. Specialized testing and evaluation elements present in our design lab include an integrating sphere, goniophotometer, dimmer verification board, and UL certification lab.