• Ambient comfort,

    intuitive control.


At DMF, we’re dedicated to making spaces more livable, more useful, and more comfortable. Warm Dim technology is our next step forward.

3000k 1800k

Comfort Without Compromise

DMF’s Warm Dim technology transforms how your spaces look and feel without sacrificing simplicity or performance. Warm Dim transitions from a bright and inviting 3000K to a warm and intimate 1800K, maintaining a consistent 93+ CRI and Energy Star rating throughout.

Maintains 93+ CRI throughout the dimming range.

As needs
change, light
should flex to
meet them.

Unlike other warm dimming products, DMF’s Warm Dim doesn’t rely on discrete LEDs or complicated control systems. Our modules are powered by one premium COB chip that utilizes color mixing phosphors to produce a relaxing glow as it dims while maintaining DMF’s trademark quality and ease-of-use. Impressively, it accomplishes all this from the control a single standard dimming switch.

More Options, Better Spaces

Warm Dim is part of the modular, unified DMF downlighting system that gives you the flexibility to light an entire project. You can swap out a Warm Dim downlight for an adjustable, or change the trim, all without missing a beat.

DMF has engineered these lighting systems to give people simple, intuitive control over their surroundings.

Warm Dim empowers people to maximize their productivity and wellness, enables businesses to put their customers in the right state of mind, and enhances homeowners’ ability to make any space more inviting in an instant.

To learn more about DMF’s Warm Dim Technology,
please contact us at: info@dmflighting.com.

Download Warm Dim Brochure.