December 2, 2019

DMF understands that conditions on a project can change.

A new paint color or material can have drastic effects on your lighting. So if you can’t decide on color temperature or illumination is not as expected, now you don’t have to worry. The DCD Series provides easily configurable, robust lighting capabilities, giving you the flexibility you need for ever changing lighting plans.

One housing, many choices

The key innovation for the DCD Series is its modularity. A single DCD housing can tackle your whole project with a wide range of options that you can change without the need for above ceiling access.

Start with the housing. Later, you can decide on the type of lighting, beam angle, lumen output, color temperature and more. Then should plans change, you can easily swap optics or add specialty lens options without touching the housing.

Need even more radical lighting changes? Alter color temperatures, lumen output or switch between downlight or adjustable using the same housing even after the ceiling is installed. The DCD Series makes it all simple with precision-crafted, inter-operable components.

“We have a single housing that works with any type of application you want, and if you change your mind later on, our product can support it.”

The DCD Series is flexible enough to illuminate your whole project with a broad range of light and aesthetics options, all with just one housing. Pair your light with a beautifully finished trim and create exactly the results you’re looking for.


The Future of Downlighting

The DCD Series is a higher-lumen, interoperable downlighting solution that radically simplifies configuration in the field, bringing together robust lighting capability and a highly modular system. It’s a revolutionary new downlight that provides superior lighting quality, more control, and more options.

View a complete list of product features and options on the DCD Product Page.


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