November 1, 2019

Honoring the most innovative LED and solid-state luminaires and fixtures on the market, the Product Innovation Awards (PIA) is an annual accolade presented by Architectural SSL. And for the second consecutive year, two different DMF products were awarded, this year being the SquareFrame System LED Downlight and DRD5S Surface Mount LED Area Light.

Product Innovation Awards

The Architectural SSL Product Innovation Awards reveal the criteria and characteristics of the technology that matters. One of the barriers hindering adoption of LED products is an uncertainty about the quality of products. Ultimately, the award winners represent a peer-recognized selection of quality products that the architectural and lighting design community can feel comfortable specifying.


SquareFrame System

The SquareFrame is a breakthrough addition to the DMF downlighting family. It takes the OneFrame’s exceptional flexibility, simplicity and performance and reimagines it in a square format that delivers perfect alignment.


DRD5S Surface Mount LED Area Light

With its ultra-thin profile and minimalist design, the original DRD5S redefined what’s possible for a surface mount downlight. The two new DRD5S Area Lights builds on that, incorporating all of the technical breakthroughs of the originals into a larger 8″ Round or 18″ Linear format.


Past DMF PIA Awards

2018 PIA Award
– OneFrame System
– DRD5S Surface Mount LED Downlight

2016 PIA Award
– OneFrame Housing


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