July 30, 2019

DMF’s engineers understand how challenging it can be to install a square downlight perfectly straight and perfectly aligned. That’s why they’ve incorporated features that seamlessly work together to give a flawless fit more quickly and with less hassle.

Go anywhere design

At less than 5% the size of a 12″ x 16″ housing, the SquareFrame is drastically smaller than the competition and can install into the most physically restrictive environments. The SquareFrame’s low profile allows it to fit in as little as 4″ of ceiling space while its bar hangers adjust to install into wood joists spaced 8″ to 24″ apart.

When perfection matters

Up and down, side to side, 90 degrees of rotation, lateral translation. The SquareFrame does it all to make precise square alignments simpler and faster. Full rotation and side-to-side translation make getting the right placement a snap while tool-free height adjustment keeps the housing flush with the ceiling plane.

In addition, the housing features indents on all sides for fixture-to-fixture laser or string alignment. Our engineers even designed a 2 degree built-in play on the trims so you can set the exact final angle.


“Square downlighting is always a hard thing to accomplish because there are so many straight lines. You have to line up every trim exactly to the one next to it. And to get that done, you need to have something that can be adjusted in any direction.”

–  Vince, Mechanical Engineer 


Lock it in

Once you’ve properly positioned the SquareFrame, locking it in place couldn’t be any easier. The bar hanger lengths lock by simply tightening a screw and then deforming the holder. Similarly, you can set the junction box rotational position by just tightening two screws. And if for any reason you need to return to the original factory position, SquareFrame includes a set pin for effortless resets.

At DMF, we’re constantly following the industry and listening to consumers to learn more. The SquareFrame represents a culmination of that research, filling in a market need for simple, intuitive square downlighting.

Learn more about the SquareFrame System.


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