December 2, 2019

DMF’s OneFrame System continues to rack up accolades, this time from outside the lighting community.

The HTSA (Home Technology Specialists of America) recently recognized the OneFrame with its Innovation Award for its amazingly small footprint and game changing versatility.

As a lighting company, we’re proud to have one of our products recognized by the AV industry as it truly showcases how simple our products are to use. The award also illustrates just how critical lighting has become to your home technology systems.

Perfect Balance

Of course, displays and speakers still stand as the two most critical items in an audio visual system (it’s in the name after all!), but lighting should not be overlooked. From 1% dimming levels to system integration, lighting plays a major role in AV.

The perfect balance of functionality and ambiance is critical for home theater lighting. Over lit spaces and unwanted ambient light can ruin the viewing experience, while poor lighting layouts can have you tripping in the dark. Whether it’s light fixtures or natural lighting, the ability to manage all light sources is critical in AV.

A system of fixtures, controls and window treatments that manages light while communicating with each other.

In order to manage light, you need a complete lighting solution. Window treatments to eliminate unwanted lighting. Controls to communicate with devices. And of course, high-performance LED fixtures that enhance the appearance of the room.

Quality of Light

Controlling light goes far beyond turning it on and off. Directional lighting and beam control work together to place light exactly where you want it. In addition, CRI, color temperature and dimming performance play critical roles in light quality. DMF recognizes these factors and is committed to engineering LED downlights that incorporate all of them into simple, highly compatible downlights.

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