October 30, 2019

What do water and electricity have in common? Absolutely nothing. They don’t mix. Well, they can mix, but it’s not pretty. Obviously, exposing electricity to liquids can pose a hazard. So it’s important that spaces with the potential to contain water or high humidity utilize lights with the proper UL moisture protection rating.

Why do these ratings matter?

UL, Underwriters Laboratory, defines three types of moisture protection ratings: Dry, Damp, and Wet Location. These ratings distinguish the proper lighting fixtures for different environments. We want to be able to preserve the light bulb and its longevity. That’s why it’s important that fixtures installed in high moisture areas are Wet Location rated, preventing the accumulation of water inside the electrical parts.

UL administers several safety tests using products from different companies in order to evaluate how they match up to their safety standards. Before submitting products to UL for testing, DMF conducts our own set of rigorous examinations. Our engineers even test beyond the standards outlined by UL, allowing water to pool on the surface of the fixture. So we understand the importance of wet location ratings and commit to providing safety and peace of mind.

Engineered to Stay Dry

DMF’s Twist & Lock mechanism is crucial to achieving a Wet Location Rating. Our standard LED modules combine with any Twist & Lock Trim to create a moisture tight seal without the need of additional accessories, unsightly specialty trims or unique installations. Not only that, our products don’t utilize waterproof seals to protect their internal components from moisture. That’s how precise and tight the fit is between our trims and the module and with the ceiling.

“As soon as you twist and lock a trim,
our module becomes Wet Location Rated.”

Wet Location Standard

DMF prides itself on designing LED downlights that are easy to specify and install. That’s why we do not offer any products that require dry locations. All standard downlights feature a Wet Location Rating while adjustables and cylinders feature either Damp Location rated or offer Wet Location as an option.

Choosing the Right Downlight

With so many downlights and cylinders offering wet location as standard, DMF has simplified the specification process. Use any of our standard recessed downlights, whether general, Apex Series, or even wall wash, for any wet location application. The DRD5S Surface Mounts also feature wet location as standard, simply requiring the addition of caulking between the ceiling and module.

The only non-wet location rated DMF LED Modules are the adjustables, which like all aimable downlights, feature moving components that exclude them from being wet rated. However, all DMF adjustables are damp location rated and approved for use over sinks and in covered patios.

Moisture Protection Ratings – LED Modules

Note: Twist & Lock Trim required

Wet rated outdoor areas like open patios can be lit with our cylinders, which offer wet location rating as standard or optional depending on the mounting type.

Moisture Protection Ratings – LED Cylinders

All these options allow customers to confidently specify most DMF downlights in any area of their home, regardless of moisture concerns, saving both money and the potential of future headaches.

Learn more about moisture ratings in our Technical Bulletin:
Wet Location Luminaires


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